Dancer Impersonates Michael Jackson But With An Unexpected India Bhangra Twist [VIDEO]

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Suleman Mirza teased that his ‘BGT’ performance would include some iconic Michael Jackson moves but with a twist. Everyone was wondering what exactly that twist would be but were pleasantly surprised. Check out this iconic season two ‘BGT’ audition below.

Michael Jackson Dance Fuses With Bhangra On ‘BGT’

Suleman a lawyer by day said that he was extremely nervous to perform on the ‘BGT’ stage. But, all the nerves went out the window when the music began to play and he started dancing. He did some iconic pelvis thrusts along with moonwalking across the stage. What happened next was totally unexpected.

Everyone seemed rather confused when a man with a broom walked onto the stage and began sweeping while Suleman was dancing. In what looked like a beef between the two, the man, Madhu Singh, threw his broom and began dancing Bhangra. The pair began dancing a fusion between Michael Jackson moves and Bhangra together. Simon Cowell could not wipe the smile off of his face. They danced to “Nachna Onda Nei” by Tigerstyle with Kaka Bhainiwala. This is a Bhangra tune mixed to the beat of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”


The duo call their act Signature. “We weren’t expecting that,” Simon said. “I am absolutely dumbstruck,” Amanda Holden said. “That was bloody brilliant. It’s absolutely what this show is looking for and you guys could win it.”

“It’s really unexpected it’s full of surprises, it’s incredibly entertaining and the crowd loved it” Piers Morgan said. Simon asked the duo what they could do in the next round since they already revealed what the surprise was. They promised to continue to surprise the judges and recieved three yes’s to move on to the next round.

Signature Dance Duo Continued To Surprise The Judges

For their Semi-Finals performance, Signature danced to “Thriller.” This time they danced with a whole crew of backup dancers dressed as zombies.

They made it to the finals where they did a performance similar to their audition with the same music. Signature actually were the runners up of season two of ‘BGT.’

If you are wowed by this Indian dance act, check out one of our latest videos where Kayla reacts to two Indian dance acts with Mriganka. Featured in this video are the auditions of Akshat Singh and Shubhreet Kaur, two very inspirational and incredibly unique acts much like Signature.

Where Are Suleman Mirza And Madhu Singh Now?

After appearing on ‘BGT’ Suleman had some big takeaways. “Time goes by fast…..if you do not try to make something happen you may sit back and one day think ‘what if?’ Don’t listen to negativity or naysayers have a vision, have tunnel vision work on your craft, and send it out to the masses…. If there’s initial failures and you persevere they will lead to great success” he said.

The pair actually got their stamp of approval from the king of pop, Michael Jackson himself. Suleman met Michael in 2009 at a press event and he commented on how much he liked Suleman’s dancing. “Meeting him and having him tell me ‘I like what you do I like the circle moonwalk, where’s the guy with the beard?’….I can say I officially have the stamp of approval from the KING OF POP…and that is priceless…and a memory I will cherish forever” Suleman told us.

Signature has also met with several members of the Jackson family who have praised the act as well. “Having the MJ family recognize us and say that they are our fans was something I could not have even dreamed of” he continued. “These are true musical legends and when they wish to come to your concerts and work with you is humbling and makes you want to work even harder to become better. We were told that MJs mother Katherine Jackson watched the finals of ‘BGT’ and was hoping we would win to this day I find that incredible.”

Simon also named Signature his number one all-time act. Not to mention this act is a favorite of Bollywood great Shah Rukh Khan. He even said Suleman is the best MJ dancer he has ever seen. They actually got to perform with him on the Slam Tour.

Signature took their talents to China’s Got Talent in 2010 and have even performed for Prince Charles. Suleman also gushed about the opportunity to perform on The Oprah Winfrey Show. “Our performance on Oprah Winfrey was very well received and the American audiences warmed to us tremendously” he said. “We would do a subsequent USA tour after that…something I never thought could happen and a real dream come true.”


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