FULL NAME: Ken Jeong
HOMETOWN: Detroit, Michigan
BIRTHDAY: July 13, 1969
AGE: 53
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married - Tran Jeong Ho
BIO: Ken Jeong is a popular talent show panelist, actor, and comedian. Although he is most known for his breakout role in the hit comedy The Hangover , Jeong has brought the laughs to shows such as The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice. Jeong's background in theater and improv started while he was still a medical student in North Carolina. Jeong moved to Los Angeles in 1998 and practiced medicine for several years as a physician of internal medicine. After his film debut in Judd Apatow's Knocked Up as Dr. Kuni, his career took off.

After appearances in several sitcoms, the entertainer landed a role in the hit NBC comedy Community. The show lasted for six seasons.Jeong also landed roles in films such as Transformers and The Hangover movie trilogy.

Jeong married his wife Tran Jeong Ho in 2004 and the couple share twin daughters Zooey and Alexa.

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