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Jeremiah Jermaine Paul

FULL NAME: Jeremiah Jermaine Paul
HOMETOWN: Harriman, NY
BIRTHDAY: July 26, 1979
AGE: 42
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to Melissa Paul
BIO: Jermaine Paul made The Voice history as the second ever winner of the series in 2012. Two of four coaches turned for this artist. Jermaine was the first ever win for Team Blake in the history of the series.

This The Voice winner came from a family of ten children that turned their living room into a performance area. At two years old he began playing the guitar. At a young age, Paul formed a group to perform gospel music in local churches, by the time he was 12 years old he acquired a reputation in church choirs. At 14 years old he took guitar lessons and was selected to join the all-state and all-country chorus. He became classically trained in a high school vocal ensemble.

In 2006, Jermaine recorded backing vocals for larger celebrities and even received his first Grammy Award nomination for "If This World Were Mine" by Alicia Keys. His latest release was an album dropped in 2019.

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