Contestant To GLOBAL Superstar: The Amazing Journey Of Camila Cabello on ‘X Factor’

Pablo Urdiales Antelo
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Camila Cabello went from nearly missing the chance to audition to becoming one of the biggest names in the music industry. Here’s a closer look at how ‘X Factor’ changed her life.

Camila Cabello’s close call during auditions

When Camila first auditioned for the judges, she was the luckiest girl alive! After being placed as a reserve, it was only when Cowell found her crying, that she was given the opportunity to perform.

After making it through to Bootcamp, she was eliminated but was called back (a common X Factor tradition!) to form a new girl group called ‘Fifth Harmony’.

The very moment Camila was put with new girl group ‘Fifth Harmony’

Fifth Harmony’s 1st ever performance

This was the moment that changed Camila’s life forever. It was quite literally ‘Impossible’ for Fifth Harmony to be sent home after this performance. With now 38 million hits on YouTube, this was a game changer for singing talent competitions. Simon knew he had found stars.

The Live Shows!

After judges houses, Fifth Harmony took to the live shows for yet again a number of outstanding performances that had the USA in open arms for the young girls.

Camilla and the band made it to third place in the competition and were signed to Cowell’s record label, Syco Music. The rest is history!

What was your favourite performance of Fifth Harmony’s during the live shows? Let us know.

Camila Cabello went solo after X Factor

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It was a huge shock when Cabello left the group but it was definitely the right decision. It was said that it is “rather uncommon for someone to stand out in a collective as much as Cabello has over the past years.”

During the last few weeks on the show, Cabello was clearly the favourite and has been ever since. She has released solo records and hit singles that have reached No.1 in the charts across the world. Her most famous being Havana.

You know you’ve made it when you’re performing a hit single at the Grammy’s!

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