Contestant Sings Original Emotional Song To Get Back His Ex-Girlfriend — Watch What Happens Next [VIDEO]

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Aidan Martin, who grew up in Cleadon, auditioned for X Factor and melted our hearts with this soul-touching song. He sent goosebumps throughout this performance.

Aidan Martin Performs on X Factor Auditions

Watch Aidan Martin’s audition on ‘X-Factor’

The 27-year-old poured his heart and soul into his performance of his self-penned track Punchline in the X Factor auditions. He revealed to the judges before he began singing that he wrote the song about the demise of his relationship.

Aidan has a chequered past, back in 2010, he was nicked back for trying to use a credit card stolen from England rugby ace Lawrence Dallaglio for a £43 restaurant bill. Aidan was given 80-hours community service sentence for it.

Later on he revealed that he was battling cocaine addiction. The musician said that he “lost his way” and fell into the “wrong crowd” when he moved to London as a teenager to an interview with Mirror.

Aidan Martin Performs on X Factor

Ahead of his appearance on the show, Aidan spoke of why he “regrets” the mistakes of his past.

“These are my words and I’m so grateful I can say them in front of you,” Aidan said before he sang his original.

He also sent a message to his ex-girlfriend through this performance that he is “not a joke.”


Sharon Osborne and Nicole Scherzinger were in tears when he performed the self-penned song, Punchline which has gone on to amass millions of views online.

By the end of the performance we got to hear how the judges felt about the his audition.

Sharon Osbourne praised him saying “I love the performance, it wasn’t to much, it was just perfect.”

Aidan Martin’s Original Video “Hurting You”

Simon Cowell added “You have a beautiful voice, this was a very, very special audition.”

Nicole Scherzinger commented “You’re not a joke, you’re a force to be reckoned with. It’s an absolute yes!”

This qualified Aidan to the next round of X Factor.

Punchline is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.


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