Comedian With A Stutter Performs On ‘America’s Got Talent’ To Prove Everyone Wrong

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It was hard not to laugh during season 10 of America’s Got Talent which saw one of the funniest acts of all time, comedian Drew Lynch. He really inspired people with his story about how suffering a baseball injury led him to have a stutter. Relive Drew’s iconic ‘AGT’ journey below and see what he is up to now.

Drew Lynch Shared His Inspirational Story On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Drew did not always dream of being a standup comedian and instead wanted to become an actor. When he was 19 years old he got hit in the throat with a softball and got a concussion which he went to sleep with. This damaged some nerves in his vocal cords, leaving him with a stutter. “I feel a lot of responsibility to show people that you can turn anything into a positive,” he said at his America’s Got Talent audition. He did not let this hinder his entertainment career entirely and used it as the topic of several of his jokes. He brought his girlfriend along to his audition who he praised for taking on three jobs so he could pursue his comedy career. One person that particularly loved Drew’s audition was Howie Mandel.


“I know you’re here to make people laugh but I can’t tell you how emotional you make me because comedy usually comes from a dark place. A lot of comedians are depressed” Howie said. “I personally in my life have used comedy to try to gain some happiness. What you did, it looked for the light at the end of the darkness and that light is your comedy.” Howie went on to press his Golden Buzzer sending Drew straight to the live shows. Drew soared into the finale after delivering hilarious routines each week. He was the runner up of the season behind winner Paul Zerdin. He returned for America’s Got Talent: The Champions. There, he was eliminated in the preliminaries.

Where Is Drew Now?

After his success on America’s Got Talent, Drew has become a pioneer of the comedy industry. He launched a very successful YouTube channel with over two million subscribers. He uploads several vlogs talking about having a service dog as well as other hilarious comedic moments.

Drew also shared on Instagram that he recently did his first virtual comedy show. The coronavirus pandemic has caused him to cancel his upcoming tour dates but that does not mean comedy has to stop. This new innovative form of standup has set a precedent for the comedy world and is helping comedians stay afloat during this time.

And for a little update into his dating life, Drew is no longer with the same girlfriend that supported him on America’s Got Talent. He now has a new girlfriend named Melanie and the pair are absolutely adorable together.


Plus, if you want to know what happened to the other America’s Got Talent runners up, check out the video below.


Samantha Agate
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