Comedian Responds To Making Heidi Klum ‘Uncomfortable’ By Calling Her A ‘Tramp’

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Comedian Usama Siddiquee had everyone laughing hysterically during his America’s Got Talent audition. But his routine during the live shows was not a hit with judge Heidi Klum whom he called a “tramp.” Heidi was visibly not happy about that. See what Usama had to say after his performance in the exclusive interview below.

Usama Siddiquee Called Heidi Klum A Tramp On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Usama performed a rather risky routine during episode three of the America’s Got Talent live shows. He started off his performance making jokes about his name, but it was one joke in particular that made Heidi seriously cringe. “Club music is so fun that the DJ can say anything he wants in the beat,” he joked. “Heidi, if I called you a tramp, you would be like, ‘How dare you,’ right? But (mixed into a club beat), you would be like, ‘I do get loose on occasion.” The camera panned to Heidi’s face as she looked on in clear discomfort. She literally did not even laugh a single time during the act. “I don’t know, I guess being called a tramp was probably the (most) uncomfortable part of the whole thing,” she said when giving her critiques.


Usama Reflected On His Joke Towards Heidi

After the show, Talent Recap spoke to Usama who had some things to say about that one joke. “I knew it was going to be a little tougher because the set was a little risque so I was like let’s go for it. I know America is going to love it so let me just go for it” he said. “The Heidi response was intense. I thought it was going to be less intense because I knew it was going in that direction and I was like alright let’s see what happens.” Ultimately, Usama said that he is proud of what he did and he thinks it went well.


As for whether or not he missed having a live audience in front of him he said “Comedy is predicated on the crowd. You need that human interaction, just in the mob energy from the crowd or else it’s just tough to go off it.” He said that he had to work with the room and realized that Howie Mandel was the only one who was really into his routine. Once he realized this, he tried to direct his jokes to Howie to get some back and forth interactions. Heidi and Sofia Vergara were not as invested in the risque routine. Usama’s desire was to connect with the judges and not to attack them.

Usama also posted a clip of his routine on Instagram where he wrote in parentheses “Sry Heidi” along with “Heidi wasn’t feeling it but the set was fire.” Do you think Usama’s routine went too far on America’s Got Talent? Or do you think the judges were being too serious?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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