Comedian DENIES She’s ‘The Masked Singer’ Tree But is She Lying?

Kyle Montplaisir
7 months

Comedian Ana Gasteyer has been on a press tour promoting her new Christmas album, “Sugar and Booze.” But she’s also denying some claims made about her being the Tree on The Masked Singer!

Ana Gasteyer talks about The Masked Singer in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel

We’re going to investigate what she said and if she’s telling the truth or not. We highly doubt she is but keep reading to find out why, we’ve got receipts.

Ana Gasteyer DENIES The Masked Singer Predictions

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show, the host brought up speculation that Ana Gasteyer is the Tree on The Masked Singer. Ana responds:

“I have read this. I’ll tell you something, I’ve done some Internet research myself. A lot of people think it’s Natalie Cole, who passed. And I’ll tell you one other thing. If you might think it’s me, I’m not saying it is me, I’ll tell you a great way to find out is to buy my new album, Sugar & Booze!”

Ana Gasteyer


So while she did not flat out say it wasn’t her, she did get that new album plug in! And even diverted attention by throwing in some other guesses the Internet has made. Always the comedian, she had to take the comment in stride and make sure Jimmy Kimmel didn’t dwell on it. Job well done, Ana!

The Tree singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Raitt on The Masked Singer

But is Ana Gasteyer Telling the Truth?

Ana starts the interview by saying “it’s schweddy balls season!” which is already a dead giveaway. Clearly she’s got a tie to Christmas and thinks her infamous sketch is that much of a cornerstone in her career. And if you listen to her Christmas album? Yeah, it sounds like her too.


But plenty of other clues have confirmed she is the Tree! We compiled all of them in our recap video a few weeks ago:

Our prediction for The Masked Singer Tree

If you love the Tree’s voice…I mean, Ana Gasteyer’s voice…you can buy and listen to her Christmas album, Sugar & Booze, wherever you stream music. And she’s even going on tour to promote it!

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