Chuck E. Cheese Confuses People By Changing Its Name But The Backstory Will Make You CRY

Samantha Agate
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Have you ever cried over a fictional mouse’s backstory? Well, now you just might. After it has been all over Twitter that Chuck E. Cheese is changing its name, the backstory of Chuck E. himself is an emotional one that will have you in your rodent feels.

Chuck E. Cheese Is Determined To Still Make Sales Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

If you have used the popular food delivery service Grubhub lately you may have noticed a new restaurant in town. Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings certainly sounds like an old locally owned Italian spot with fresh pizza. But in actuality, it serves the same kind of food as Chuck E. Cheese. The restaurant is now going under a new name to get more business during the coronavirus pandemic. The thing is, most people have no idea that they are about to order food that has the same quality as the food served at Chuck E. Cheese. Chuck E. Cheese locations have been closed because of social distancing guidelines that prevent kids from running around and being in close contact with each other as they play. But, the chain still wants to make some money somehow.


If you type Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings into a GPS, it will literally route you to a Chuck E. Cheese location. Isn’t this the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard? It seems like the chain knows that it will not make as many sales if it keeps going by its old name. It definitely is a smart business tactic but it comes with a price. Many people feel like they are being bamboozled or tricked into purchasing food from a family entertainment chain. Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings even has its own logo that makes no mention of Chuck. E Cheese.

Twitter Users Think The Restaurant Chain Is Trying To Scam People

People on Twitter started to figure out this new business tactic. One Twitter user used detective skills to crack the code. “So I guess no one ordering pizza from Chuck E. Cheese so they changed their name to “Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings” on Grubhub in all locations to get people to order from them. LMAOOOOOOOOO BRO I’m CRYINNNNNGGGG,” they said. They actually showed screenshots of the restaurant on Grubhub as well as the fact that the location is the same as a local Chuck E. Cheese.

One person had firsthand experience with the restaurant and said “thought I just ordered pizza and wings from a nice local Italian place in my town called Pasqually’s. shows up and it’s standard cardboard pizza and subpar wings. imagine my fucking surprise when I learn that PASQUALLY P. PIEPLATE IS THE DRUMMER FOR THE CHUCK-E-CHEESE BAND.”

“It’s my birthday. Woke up to a text saying to expect my order from Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings by 12:30. Did some digging and found out it’s the restaurant inside Chuck E. Cheese. I’m so confused,” said another Twitter user. What an interesting birthday.

“Jon and I ordered pizza from a new place. The place was called ‘Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings.’ The pizza that came was oddly small and cut into 12ths. We googled this new place. Pasqually’s full name is Pasqually P. Pieplate. Because he is a CHUCK E. CHEESE CHARACTER” said another.

It’s safe to say that people who ordered from Pasqually’s were not happy with the quality of the food they received.

What Made Chuck E. Cheese Switch Its Name To Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings?

Of course, every restaurant wants to stay afloat during this time and will do anything they can to appeal to more people for takeout orders. But, the story of Chuck E. Cheese goes much deeper. Chuck, the mouse mascot was orphaned as a child and does not even know his own birthday. Aw. He never got to have a party of his own which has influenced him to have parties for other people. So many kids at the orphanage celebrated their birthdays which he loved. He moved to New York and started a band with chef turned drummer Pasqually. This explains the new name change and the question on everyone’s minds: who is Pasqually?

The two set out to California to follow their dreams of being in a band and owning a restaurant. And they did just that with the opening of Chuck E. Cheese. Chuck E. Cheese is a place where children can come together to have a great time playing and interacting with characters. This is a rather dramatic story for a fake mouse and seriously pulls at the heartstrings.

One Twitter user said “Watching Twitter finally find out about Chuck E. Cheese history, backstory, and “pasquallys pizza“ has been my favorite part of this pandemic.” Honestly, we have to agree.


Are you more shocked about this name change or the heartbreaking backstory behind it?

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