Chloe Kohanski, Who Doesn’t Want To Be Called ‘The Voice’ Winner Or Kohanski Drops New Music

Kyle Montplaisir
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chloe mk is back with two new singles! The artist, known as Chloe Kohanski during her winning run on The Voice, released the songs with fellow touring artist Sizzy Rocket.

Below we get into the two new singles, “I KNOW WHAT U LIKE” and “BODY.” Plus, we’ll discuss her name change and why she doesn’t like to be called The Voice winner.

chloe mk and Sizzy Rocket’s new sing, “I KNOW WHAT U LIKE”

Two New Singles, “I KNOW WHAT U LIKE” and “BODY”

The first new single chloe mk has released with Sizzy Rocket is “I KNOW WHAT U LIKE.” And it is a BOP! Fans in the comments are saying the same. This is the kind of music I expected Chloe to do when she won The Voice. It’s electronic, but also reminiscent of the 80’s. This is similar to her most recent solo release, “David Bowie.” She describes her genre as “internet pop,” which lends itself to a unique beat and synthetic sounds.

Likewise, “BODY” has the same feel but it’s a little slower. The message about someone only loving her for her body is a common one in music as well. But Chloe approaches it without the sadness usually associated with the lyrics. “BODY” is also, like I mentioned about her other single, a bop. And both of these songs were recorded with Sizzy Rocket, who chloe mk went on tour with this summer!

Why the Name Change to chloe mk?

Earlier this year, Chloe make the name change from Chloe Kohanski to chloe mk. She explained it on Twitter, saying:

This “fresh start” seems to be in reference to distancing herself from her time on The Voice. Now, her covers from the show no longer show up when you look up her artist page.

The idea of wanting to recreate yourself as an artist after The Voice is something Jeffery Austin has mentioned on “The Day After” podcast before as well, because it’s surprisingly common! Though their proud of their accomplishments, many artists don’t want to be remembered solely by their time on a singing competition show. That lends itself to these artists being pigeonholed into a certain genre or style. So, in order to try to change that instant association, Chloe re-branded herself when she started releasing music that she has “always wanted to make.”

Talent Recap’s interview with chloe mk, then Chloe Kohanski, after her win on The Voice

With all the writing and work on music Chloe has been doing lately, we know there will be plenty more releases ahead! And as big fans, you could definitely say we’re excited for it. We’re not the only ones either! Chloe’s Twitter is full of fan’s praising the two new singles.

You can listen to and download “I KNOW WHAT U LIKE” and “BODY” everywhere you stream music.

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