Check Out Our Interview With ‘The Voice’s’ Own Janice Freeman

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

If you’ve been paying attention to The Voice this season, (and we know you have), you know that there is a tremendous amount of talent on the stage. But there are a few notables that will probably make it to the end. One of those, without a doubt, is Janice Freeman. When she opens her mouth to sing she is like a hurricane, a force of nature. Yesterday, Talent Recap’s Mel Boursiquot sat down with Janice for an interview.

Janice has been through a lot. We know from her story that she is a recent cancer survivor and has had to battle a lot of adversity in her life. But that very often is the fuel that drives an artist and it is no different in her case. All that pain and she’s felt in her life as well as her undeniable strength come out when she sings. That’s the beauty of having someone a little older competing in the show. There is a big difference in the life experience of a 23 year old and someone like Janice.

We found her to be warm, funny, and brutally honest. Mel asked her the question that a lot of people have asked: why she picked Miley as her coach? Her answer was surprising.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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