The Four

Charlie Walk Addresses Some Of The Criticisms Of ‘The Four’

Look, I know it might seem as though we’ve been overly critical of The Four: Battle for Stardom. Our job is to write about these talent competition shows and The Four is definitely a departure from the norm and maybe that takes some getting used to. Not that I’m saying our criticism isn’t valid, (it totally is), but after listening to this interview from Charlie Walk on the Elvis Duran Show I can at least see where they are coming from.

One of our biggest gripes with the show is the fact that we don’t get to know the four contestants or the challengers barely at all. Having skipped the auditions and growth parts of the show and going straight to the “finals” is what the show is all about. Charlie says this is all very deliberate. They don’t want to know who these people are. He says,

“Stars are born, not made…The stakes are really high, think about it. If you let someone challenge…the audience decides who ends up on The Four not us. The audience, which ha a bit of a ‘Jerry Springer’ quality, you could end up with The Gong Show up there. I have to protect the brand because Republic, iHeart have to work with this artist when the show ends. I don’t want to work with slop. I don’t know how to break slop. So, I’m really hard on it. It’s not that I’m mean, I’m honest and truthful. Because the biggest stars in the world all have that quality and I’m trying to stay on that quality control.”

I guess it’s true that people, the audience the viewers at home, get to like people because they get to know them or because they feel sorry fro them because of some sob story and then vote for them. Maybe they aren’t the best singers or don’t have the right star quality. Charlie believes that this might be why some of the other winners on these shows don’t make it big. So, while I still miss knowing or being invested in the artists I definitely see where he’s coming from.