Carson Daly Calls Baby “Wonderful Distraction” & “Beacon Of Hope” During Coronavirus Outbreak

Carson Daly has new baby amid coronavirus

The Voice host Carson Daly is a proud papa! His daughter Goldie was born at the end of March in a New York hospital. Now during a TODAY Show appearance, Carson said she has been “a great beacon of hope” for his family and for others during the stressful and deadly coronavirus outbreak. Baby Goldie even made her television debut! Take a look.

Carson Daly And His Wife Detailed Their New Life At Home With Baby Goldie

In the interview, Carson and his wife Siri looked cozy at home as they sat cradling baby Goldie. She is almost two weeks old now. They spoke about how their other three children act like little mothers and fathers when it comes to Goldie. They all want to help take care of her. Carson went on to call Goldie “the little pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow.” He also called her a “wonderful distraction” with everything going on in the world.

Carson mentioned that when his other kids were born, they all were blessed by members of the hospital chapel as a practice of their Catholic faith. They did not have time to receive a blessing from the chapel of the hospital they were in when Goldie was born because of coronavirus. They did, however, find an alternative to this. “So, we had a nice little outing here recently…where we got to do a drive-by blessing with Father Bob, that’s our Catholic priest at our local parish,” he explained. “He married Siri and I and he blessed our home when we got it. So, we drove Goldie down there and he stood six feet away and gave us a wonderful blessing. So, that’s really been a highlight in the last 48 hours.” Because of social distancing and the risks associated with coronavirus they expressed gratitude that they could find a new alternative way to receive blessings for their daughter. Perhaps driveby blessings will become a new trend.


Carson Called Goldie A “Light”

The couple talked about how normally to celebrate a child being born they would have their neighbors over for champagne. But their neighbors got innovative to welcome Goldie home while practicing social distancing. “You know, when we got home from the hospital, there was a great moment where our neighbors…all lined the streets and they made signs and it brought tears to Siri’s eyes,” he recalled. “[Goldie] has been a light…not just to our family, but to, like, our community, our neighborhood.” He said that “Everyone is still very anxious and very nervous about the unknowns of the pandemic and here comes little Goldie, and it puts a smile on their face.”

TODAY host Savannah Guthrie even mentioned that every time she looks at a picture of Goldie she gets tears in her eyes. The impact of a baby coming into this world to bring some kind of joy amidst all of this chaos has been felt by all of Carson’s co-workers. Siri said that people ask her to send them pictures of Goldie to bring smiles to their faces all the time.

The Family Lives In NY, One Of The Hardest Hit Coronavirus Areas

New York City currently has 77,967 total coronavirus cases. The Daly’s live on Long Island and acknowledged that they need to continue to practice social distancing especially with a new baby in the house. Carson said “It’s a harrowing time to be pregnant and to have a child, especially where we are geographically. So there’s a lot of nervous people around us, and she’s been a great beacon of hope.”

Back when Goldie was born, Carson posted a picture from the hospital and thanked New York medical workers. “The Daly family wants to send a special shout out to the incredibly brave & selfless medical staff at our hospital in New York and also the many courageous people on the front lines of this dreadful virus.” He called his daughter’s birth “bittersweet.”


We think Baby Goldie is absolutely adorable and she definitely put a smile on our faces amidst all of the craziness going on in the world. And of course, we are totally looking forward to seeing more pictures of her in the future.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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