Can You Guess How Tall Your Favorite Talent Show Celeb Is?

Corey Cesare
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The camera can really be deceiving, some of your favorite celebrities might actually be shorter than they look. Take away the heels and the stage, are your favorite talent show celebrities actually as tall as they look?

Are you great at guessing ages? Try this fun quiz to guess the heights of some of your favorite celebrities. Do you know how tall the cast of The Voice is? Give me your best guesses and we’ll see how well you do.

When watching your favorite shows, it might be tough to get a judgement of just how tall your favorite celebrities are. I guess when they say “the camera adds ten pounds” it also adds inches to your height. I seriously couldn’t believe how many of these celebrities were under 6 feet tall. This just goes to show that some people who are huge in popularity, aren’t always as large as their personalities.

Would you ever guess that Kelly Clarkson is just 5’3″ just from looking at her on The Voice?

During Clarkson’s time on Idol, I wouldn’t have thought she was below 5’6″. Maybe it was the heels, but this seriously astonished me.

Out of all of the shows, America’s Got Talent had the tallest cast by far. It shouldn’t surprise us that even our female judges are tall since they’re models. No wonder they all look around the same height in photos!

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