BTS’s Jungkook First Time Displays His ‘Meaningful’ Tattoos In His Rendition of Lauv’s ‘Never Not’ — Watch!

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I million views in 10 mins might sound crazy but its normal numbers for ‘BTS’ and this time Jungkook’s rendition of Lauv’s ‘Never Not’ is taking the internet by a storm. And the Army can’t stop talking about his tattoos.

Jungkook’s Tattoos Are Finally At Full Display & Army Is Going Insane

Jungkook love for the Army is on full display as always, so is the crown but let’s look further into his other tattoos.

People were also loving Jungkook covering an English song because any language Jungkook covers become a thing, alright?

A closer look at his tattoos is making me want to rush to a tattoo parlor, look at how gorgeous these are. Ceo of prettiest tattoos and hearts, don’t forget.

Fans are also not sure if they are ready to see the whole arm.

Twitter can’t breath and to be honest, nor can we. One Twitter user wrote, “i don‘t know what to cry about….his voice? hearing him singing after a long time? HIM DISPLAYING HIS TATTOOS FOR THE FIRST TIME???? mom i love jeon jungkook” Us too fam, us too.

one Twitter user correctly said, “His tattoos are very important to him because all of it has a deeper meaning engraved to his heart. Jeon Jungkook’ tattoo is one of the prettiest tattoo I’ve ever seen.”

What is your favorite Jungkook tattoo? Let us know in the comments down below!


Mriganka Chawla
Mriganka Chawla

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