Britney Spears’ Biggest Superfan Creeps Judges Out On ‘The X Factor’ [VIDEO]


Patrick Ford brought Britney Spears a giant bouquet of flowers to give to her at his X Factor audition in 2012. He also explained in his interview that he wanted her to be his girlfriend. But, judging based on Britney’s reaction to the audition, that won’t be happening anytime soon. Take a look at this super cringe moment below.

‘X Factor’ Contestant Creeps Out Britney Spears On Stage

Before he sang, Patrick professed his love for Britney who looked a bit disturbed by it. Patrick sang Britney’s song “Circus” for his audition. This audition was incredibly off-key and bizarre. It was not a hit with the crowd who began booing or the judges. Simon Cowell called for the music to end and shut Patrick’s act down.

“It was like you had an argument with Britney Spears, got drunk and decided to scream the song at her” Simon said. Patrick assured the judges that he “would never argue with Britney.” He received four “no’s” from the judges but was clearly not happy with their decision.


He continued to stand on the stage and stare at Britney even after the judges gave their critiques. The judges were all visibly creeped out by his antics. Patrick asked if he could at least give his flowers to Britney and Simon said he would come get them and give them to her. “Britney, I love you,” he said one last time before leaving the stage. She was visibly shaken by the whole thing.

If you found this audition to be rather cringe, check out our compilation of five obnoxious contestants that refused to leave the stage. Some people cannot take no for an answer during their auditions. Beware, you might get a bit of secondhand embarrassment from watching.

Patrick was very emotional when he finally left the building, even refusing to talk to the production team. Finally, he said that he wished Britney gave him more of an explanation or thanked him for the flowers. “I still love her,” he said.

Fans Questioned Whether Or Not Patrick’s Act Was Real Or Fake

Some talent competition fans remembered that Patrick first auditioned for season nine of American Idol and had actually met Simon before. He also sang another Britney song during that audition as well. Simon never mentioned this when he saw Patrick again on The X Factor.

Many people also pointed out that the flowers that Patrick brought for Britney were just flowers that were sitting backstage. If you look closely, there are multiple vases of flowers backstage which is presumably where Patrick got the flowers from.

“This guy’s an idiot but the people behind the show are beyond wrong for stringing this along and allowing this **** to happen. Both for him and Britney” said one fan of The X Factor in a chat room.

“Well the flowers he brought her were actually flowers from backstage, you can see bunches of them when the judges were filmed BTS so the producers at least helped the crazy along a little” said another fan. “Britney had zero time for this show and should not have done it.”


Patrick is a pretty hard guy to find on social media, but it was never actually confirmed if the act was real or fake with the producers playing a role in it.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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