Meghan & Harry Risk Their Wellbeing To Hand-Deliver Meals To Ill Patients in LA Amid COVID-19

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have left the royal house behind but they take with them their philanthropic hearts and we are glad they brought it to America. Moving on from Britain and quarantined in LA, they are delivering food to those in need. Coronavirus has left millions without food and in times like these, watching these revolutionary royals step up and deliver meals themselves while risking themselves to COVID is heartwarming.

They have kept a low profile since leaving Sussex and its ways behind but Britain’s loss is America’s gain, especially in testing times like these. Page Six has confirmed that Meghan and Harry have been volunteering at Project Angel Food, a nonprofit that prepares and delivers medically tailored meals to chronically ill people.

Meghan & Harry Hide In Plain Sight To Help Chronically Ill Patients Amid COVID-19

Project Angel Food is one of the first charities the couple has supported since officially giving up royal duties on March 31. Its CEO, Richard Ayoub, told CNN that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had worn N95 masks and gloves to drop off a week’s worth of perishable meals and 3 weeks’ worth of shelf-stable foods to 20 of its clients last week.


As per the CNN interview, one of the nonprofit’s clients told Ayoub they didn’t even know who had delivered their food until the pair had left.

“They were dressed so casually — that’s not how you expect to see them,” Ayoub said. “You don’t expect to see them at your door.”

Richard Ayoub, CEO of Project Angel Food on Meghan & Harry

And a source also revealed, “they’ve actually volunteered a few times. What’s so lovely is that the organization has now seen an uptick in donations, many of which people have been making in honor of [their] baby, Archie’s, first birthday on May 6. This makes Meghan and Harry so happy as it’s something so meaningful for his birthday that they will otherwise have to spend in lockdown.”


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