The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Tour Is Coming Back

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

After a seven year hiatus the Britain’s Got Talent tour is coming back after this season. Simon Cowell believes that the time is right for the talent from the show to tour around the UK. With the rising popularity of the show I can’t say as I’m surprised. 

For years the top few finalists and fan favorites from BGT went on tour after the show as there was a desire to see them live by the general public. But in 2011 they canceled the tour because of poor ticket sales. That’s when BGT was in a bit of slump. But Simon thinks that this time it will work.  Jonathan Shalit, who does PR for the show, said,

“We are bringing it back. It is going to be announced soon. I think they have brought it back over the realization that the show is so successful. There is a demand for the acts. People like them. Those acts are so popular and the popularity of BGT is phenomenal.”

Rather than playing arenas like The X Factor tour, the BGT tour will focus on theaters with only a couple of thousand capacity. This increases the chances of selling out and is a more appropriate venue for the acts on BGT.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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