‘Britain’s Got Talent Season 11 Episode 2 Recap & Videos


A child magician from Blackpool, a dance group from Barnsley, a singer from Guilford, an acrobatic couple from Beijing, and an IT analyst named Simon Cowell were all part of the excitement that viewers witnessed on the second episode of BGT Season 11.

This episode takes place in Blackpool. In fact, the intro featured highlights and footage of the team traveling to Blackpool for this round of auditions.

Tony Allen (4 No)

The show started with a local 55-year-old one-man-band carrying all kinds of bells & whistles on his body. It didn’t take long before he was booted of the stage with a quick 4 buzzer response from all judges. “It just wasn’t my day,” Allen concluded in disappointment.

Our Review: He got what he deserved and he probably knew what’s coming – at least let’s hope so.


Lynda McMurray (2 Yes / 2 No)

Another local retired entertainer displayed her schtick . The 69-year-old entered the stage dressed up as Charlie Chaplin and started singing. A few seconds into what was starting to look like a boring act, the music changed into a faster beat and Lynda started stripping her clothes and dancing. Age didn’t seem to be an issue, except for the fact she forgot to strip off her Charlie Chaplin mustache. So, the audience was essentially seeing a pooger with a mustache. Amanda and David seemed entertained and gave her a yes, while Alesha and Simon said no.

Our Review: Take a good look at her because it’s probably the last time you’ll see her.

Simon Cowell (4 No)

A 47-year-old who works as an IT analyst with the same name of our beloved Simon Cowell. He performed his spoon face balancing act which he claimed to have been doing for years. The problem was that the power of gravity took its course and the spoons started falling to the ground mid act. As the buzzers started buzzing more spoons were falling and that was the end of this act.

Our Review: We would advise Mr. Cowell the contestant to keep his day job as an IT analyst.

Gao Lin and Liu Xin (4 Yes)

This cute married couple from Beijing, China, who do acrobatic dancing, performed a beautiful routine on stage. Amanda commented: ‘I could watch you all day”. Alesha described it as, “world class.” They got well deserved 4 yeses.

Our Review: While reports say that the couple has already contested on China’s Got Talent, we won’t hold it against them. We will look forward to what they have to offer to this new audience on a different continent.

Charley Dyson (4 Yes)

Charley is a 9-year-old school boy from Barnsley who is incredibly talented on his scooter bike. He performed a scooter stunt show with flips and twists in the air. He not only got four yeses but also a standing ovation. Simon said this was the first of this kind ever on BGT.

Our Review: It was very entertaining and even “scary” as Amanda described it. Charley said he is in it to win it, so he may have his chance.

QT Crew (4 Yes)

This was indeed a “Cutie” dance group from Scotland,  made up of 14 girls, ages 6 to 10. They started out with a boring routine to the tune of My Boy Lollipop, then out of nowhere they stripped their clothes and turned into mini ninjas. They displayed some amazing moves especially, being so young.

Our Review: Of course the 4 yeses were very well deserved.

Issy Simpson (4 Yes)

A local 8-year-old magician performed some pretty impressive illusions. She did card magic, predicted what word Alesha would pick out of a big book, and she turned her small cardboard box into something Simon Cowell couldn’t lift even with the help of fellow judge David. Simon was shocked and described it as “real life Harry Potter”. “You put many adult magicians to shame,” Amanda concluded.

Our Review: Her magic was great and even more so was her presentation. There’s something incredible about a tiny 8-year-old bossing the judges around with composure and presence. She is a contender that can make it far. [Update] The fans took to twitter to protest the fact that her grandfather works for ITV – the very TV network that airs BGT – as the magic coach for past contestants on the show. We don’t see the problem with that at all. If he sees the potential in his own granddaughter to become an entertainer with his help, why not?

John & Brandon Pohlhammer (4 Yes)

This father & son tag team performed a well-orchestrated dance routine. The skill was picture-perfect and they got four yeses from the judges.

Our Review: While the dance was great, it was a bit overshadowed by the fact that Simon’s son Eric joined the panel of judges and got some of the attention. It may not be a winning act but it definitely deserved to go through.

Reuben Grey (4 Yes)

A 16-year-old schoolboy, who is a singer-songwriter, entered the stage thinking he was going to perform a song to his mom and girlfriend. He regretted the fact that his dad, who is also his biggest fan and former soldier, couldn’t be there to witness his performance because he was far away in the Middle East doing security work…or so he thought. His dad surprised him by appearing in the crowd. He sang an original apology song to his girlfriend called “Lifeline,” which described a breakup period they went through which moved the audience to tears.

Our Review: Even though the singing itself would probably not survive long in a purely singing competition, Reuben can go far in this variety competition. He gets points for the originality and the ability to move the crowd while telling a story.

Just Us (Golden Buzzer)

An acrobatic dance troop of five teenaged girls. The lead girl, Julia, discussed how the group formed to support her in her battle with scoliosis, which is quite visible on her back. “It’s like a curvature of the spine. My one’s quite rare… [Because] I was born with it,” she explained. She said she’ll need surgery soon and she won’t be able to dance anymore. “This is like, my last chance, because I’ve always wanted to do it.” They performed to the Rachel Platten ‘Fight Song’ and it was extremely moving. Amanda commented, “Your friendship and strength together is just fantastic.” Alesha was choking up as she said, “It really touched me, so much so that I’m going to do this!” and she then hit the Golden Buzzer.

Our Review: It isn’t necessarily a Golden Buzzer act from a performance point of view, but we have to give credit to Alesha for seizing the emotional moment and making this girl’s dreams come true.

Jonny Awsume (4 Yes)

He didn’t seem so convincing when he introduced himself as a comedian but by the end of his act this 39-year-old had the whole room laughing. He performed a funny musical featuring Ant & Dec, who he invited to join him on stage. All the judges where very surprised how great it was and how entertaining it was for the crowd.

Our Review: Jonny Awsome remind us of Tape Face from AGT (2016) in that he has the unique ability to make people laugh with surprisingly simple things. His singing abilities are obviously limited, but he has a way of bringing the crowd with him in whatever shtick he’s doing. So we will see what more he has in the bag for us.

Talent Recap’s review of Episode 2:

This show seemed to start off with a theme, going from older talent to young children talent, then father son talent, (highlighted by the presence of Simon’s son Eric). It had stories. It had high emotional moments as well as funny moments. Most importantly, this episode had some really decent talent, so we give it high grades.

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