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‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Returns With More Awesome And Wacky Auditions

Jack Tomas

Jack Tomas

ITV/Syco /Thames


The auditions are my favorite part of the Got Talent franchise, especially Britain’s Got Talent because that’s when you get to see the real lunatics. Later on, sure, you get the really talented people showing off their amazing skills. But a perverse part of me wants to see crazy people crash and burn. This episode there wasn’t too much of that but what was there was truly spectacular.

David and Javier

These saucy Spanish dudes did some serious salsa dancing. As a Cuban I was surprised by how well these guys from Barcelona could move. But see, that’s just my hang-ups. They easily got 4 yeses.

Andrew Lancaster

You know, an impressionist act in 2018 is a hard sell. Gone are the days when Rich Little headlined in Vegas. But Andrew is something else entirely. His Trump was magnificent. If I was Lorne Michaels I would get him over to SNL stat. He got four yeses.

Jenny Darren

When gentle-looking Jenny hit the stage we were all expecting a nice granny singing a standard. Che sang a classic all right, AC/DC’s Highway to Hell in a leather skirt. How could she not get four yeses?

Father Ray Kelly

Father Ray was already a viral sensation with his tremendous voice, but his rendition of REM’s maudlin ballad Everybody Hurts moved everyone to tears. Yeses all around.

Cali Swing

These guys were adorable and super talented. They want to win so they can get a nice rehearsal space and not practice in the back of a restaurant. Who knew little kids from London had so much salsa? Again, that’s my hang-up. 4 yeses for Cali Swing.

Lost Voice Guy

Lee Ridley isn’t going to let suffering from cerebral palsy stop him from being a comedian. He can’t speak vocally but must use a speech translator. But lord almighty is he funny. Four yeses.

Giang Brothers

Gymnastics is usually incorporated into one of these acts but isn’t the act itself. But these Vietnamese brothers give a whole new meaning to crazy gymnastics. They were spectacular and got four yeses.


Rise wasn’t just a great dance troupe. One of their members, Hollie Booth, was involved in the Manchester bombing last year where she lost her aunt. Just goes to show you that you can survive anything.

Jim the Dancer

Ummm…OK. So, this guy wore a coockoo clock on his head and “danced”. He was quickly given four nos. See what I mean? Weird.

Kaptain Rock

While I appreciate that he has a one string guitar shaped like a Star Wars lightsaber, this took so long and was just painful to watch. Four nos.

Radu-Alexandru Patrunsu

If you are going to do a “holistic healing dance” it had better cure cancer and not just be a bunch of twirling. Four nos.

Andras Lovas

What is heart singing? I don’t know. It’s like humming, I guess? Who wants that? Four nos.

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