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Britain’s Got Talent Auditions End On A High Note

Julia Delbel

Julia Delbel

Tonight was a big episode for Britain’s Got Talent; it was the last of the auditions and the reveal of the semi-finalists. But who made the cut?

56-year-old yoga teacher Kath Thompson started off the episode with a super fun and surprising dance routine while dressed as Theresa May (spooky timing for the airing of this audition) and got four yeses from the judges.

Comedian John Archer brought David up to the stage for a deconstructed magic trick….or so John had the audience thinking. The judges loved it and gave him four yeses as well.

KNE pulled a fast one on the crowd before performing a lively but somewhat tame boy-band style number. The judges enjoyed it – although Simon thought the choreography could have been better – and all voted for them to move forward.

4MG are a quartet of teenage magicians who did a series of card tricks incorporating all of the judges, even going so far as to warrant the infamous “do not try this at home” message onscreen. The judges were blown away and gave them unanimous yeses.

Funky Feet are an army of fierce female dancers who delivered a performance that packed a punch, though Simon did say he wanted to be surprised next time. Nevertheless, they got four yeses.

The last audition of the season were the Disco Dogs, a trio of dancing “dogs” who had the crowd going wild as they jammed out to a medley of upbeat songs. In the words of David, “It was completely bonkers, and completely Britain’s Got Talent.” Naturally, they got four yeses–er woofs. But then, out of the costumes popped…Ant, Dec, and Stephen Mulhern!

Finally, the judges delivered the news to all the acts they put through as to whether not not they’d receive a place in the live semi-finals. That round begins this coming Monday, and here are all the acts who will be competing for the Season 13 grand prize!

  • 4MG – magician quartet
  • Akshat Singh – dancer (Golden Buzzer recipient)
  • Angels Inc. – magic group
  • Barbara Nice – comedian
  • Ben Hart – magician
  • Brian Gilligan – singer
  • Brotherhood – magician trio
  • Chapter 13 – band (Golden Buzzer recipient)
  • Colin Thackery – singer
  • Dave & Finn – dog act
  • Duo A&J – arealist duo
  • Fabulous Sisters – dance group
  • Faith Tucker – classical singer
  • Flakefleet Primary School – theatrical choir (Golden Buzzer recipient)
  • The Queen – comedian
  • Giorgia Borg – singer-songwriter (Golden Buzzer recipient)
  • Gominov Knife Show – knife throwing duo
  • Gonzo – dancer
  • Graeme Mathews – comedian
  • Iconic – dance group
  • Jacob Jones – singer
  • Jimmy Tamley – ventriloquist
  • John Archer – comedian
  • Jonathan Goodwin – daredevil
  • Kerr James – singer
  • Khronos Girls – dance group
  • KNE – dance quintet
  • Kojo Anim – stand-up comedian (Golden Buzzer recipient)
  • Leanne Mya – singer
  • Mark McMullan – singer
  • Matt Stirling – magician
  • Rob King – singer
  • Rollabatics – acrobatic roller-skating duo
  • Siobhan Phillips – singer-songwriter
  • Guy First – comedian
  • Elizabeth – magician
  • X – mentalist
  • Tony Rudd – impressionist
  • Ursula Burns – harpist
  • Vardanyan Brothers

Even though some of this season’s best acts somehow didn’t make the cut (No Mind2Mind or Big Name Statues over some of the semi-finalists on this list? Really?) the live shows should be a wild ride. We’ll be here recapping all the action during the upcoming week, so be sure to check back for our recaps every day!

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