‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Recap: A New World Record is Set!

Julia Delbel
1 year

One of the most fun things about Britain’s Got Talent is seeing acts push the envelope and deliver new kinds of entertainment. We certainly got a lot of that with tonight’s crop of hopefuls, so let’s dive right into this weeks BGT recap!

Dance Dynamics

This week’s first act, Dance Dynamics, consist of a couple who have been together for a decade. While their love is clearly strong, their dancing was not, and they got buzzed off. (At least Alesha Dixon had fun jamming out to the song?)

Rob King

Rob King actually works where Britain’s Got Talent is filmed, but his audition was his first time performing on the stage. The judges all loved his singing, so of course he got unanimous yeses!

Jay Rawlings

Jay Rawlings has come on BGT to try to take back the Guinness World Record for most chairs balanced on a single chin at the same time. With eleven chairs and an official from Guinness present, the judges were pretty impressed and all voted to send him forward.


The next contestant was Graeme, who brought Amanda up to the stage for some magic…which actually turned out to be comedy. He riffed on a lot of the classic tricks we’re used to seeing, though he did pull off a fun one at the end. Even though the judges were skeptical when he first came onstage, they were all won over by the act and unanimously approved.

Rosie Matthew

I’m just gonna say it: The judges were too hard on Rosie Matthew. Her act wasn’t anything great but it felt like they didn’t even give it a chance to get going with the unanimous buzzers (especially after worse acts from last weeklast week not only escape that fate but actually got sent through). Granted, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t have built to much, but the concept was innovative and at least deserved a chance to be viewed in full. And while I wouldn’t have sent her forward based on what we did get to see, the idea of combining singing with stunts is something I could see working in another form someday.

Angels Inc.

Angels Inc. also combined a variety of talents for their act, but fortunately they were much more successful in their endeavor. They did a fun, sexy dance routine that had a few illusions sprinkled in. They were like a girl group consisting of magicians instead of singers! Alesha called it “a breath of fresh air”, Amanda called them “a force of good”, and all four judges sent them forward!

Duo A&J

To simply call Duo A&J (standing for Alex and Julia) would be a disservice to the multi-dimensional performance they put on for their audition. They combined dance and stunts in the air to create a beautiful, romantic piece. The judges all loved it and said yes. But then David wanted a chance to be lifted, so Alex – and his teeth – obliged!

Mark McMullin

Mark McMullin sang “Bring Him Home” for Les Miserables, chosen because of his older brother’s brain injury. The audience starting cheering upon hearing the first line of the song, and the judges were emotional after hearing it (of course they all said yes!).


Finally, Iconic came out and definitely lived up to their name by including a few celebrity “cameos” in their upbeat dance performance! They got four yeses from the judges and ended the night on an energetic note!

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