‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Ramps Up Security In Wake Of Recent Acid Attacks

britain's got talentJack Tomas | Talent Recap


Auditions for Britain’s Got Talent have tightened security more than ever before. This is due in large part to a spate of acid attacks around London in recent months. Audience members who have gone to tapings in the past have noticed that there is increased screenings and security to get into the London Palladium to watch the show.

The acid attacks in London have been alarming. People have been randomly throwing acid in passersby’s faces, seemingly at random. This not only can lead to severe injuries and blindness but also in some cases can be fatal. Audience members are not allowed to bring in water or any other liquid into the arena and are screened also for metal and explosives. The judges also are under guard when coming and going from the theater.

You have to also think about the recent terror attacks in London. The UK can’t lose an icon like Simon Cowell. That would be unthinkable, like losing the crown jewels or all the beer taps running dry. How would England survive?


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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