‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Must Learn From ‘America’s Got Talent’ Or GO!

Pablo Urdiales Antelo | Talent Recap

The ‘Got Talent’ franchise is led by two frontrunner shows, Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. Over the years, AGT has dominated with high ratings, new judges and quirky new formats. BGT will begin it’s 8th year in 2020 with the same judges and a rather tiresome, but still watchable format. Here’s why BGT needs to begin it’s road to redemption, ASAP.


Britain’s Got Talent like to play it safe, super safe. 2020 will mark the 14th season of the show and if we’re honest, hardly anything has changed. Ant and Dec continue to host, Simon has continued to use the same judging lineup for years and the series is all over in a second.

Also, Britain’s Got Talent is almost too much of an entertainment show. An audition on the show goes only two ways, excellent or awful, leaving no room for middle ground.


‘AGT’ could teach the ‘BGT’ some vital lessons

America’s Got Talent is a show worth tuning in for and is by far, the more likeable of the two. The American version features a Judge Cuts stage, where auditionees take to the stage once more, just to give the judges a little more time to decide who’s through to the live shows. The British alternative? A 10 minute discussion between the judges at the end of the last audition episode. AGT have also now introduced celebrity guest appearances to the live shows & the Judge Cuts, making it all, that bit more exciting!

‘AGT’ Live Shows Are Fun, ‘BGT’ is Overrated

The AGT live shows are spectacular, hosted at the grand Dolby Theatre (also home to The Academy Awards), this part of the show is by far one of the greatest weeks on television. Terry Crews, America’s sweetheart, knows how energise a crowd no matter how large the room. You can leave it to Crews to guide you through the tense couple of weeks at the Dolby on the lead to the grand final. BGT? A small studio with an unimpressed crowd, and the live shows stage lasting for just a week.

The ‘BGT’ Hosts Are Stale

Ever heard of Ant & Dec? We’d be surprised if you hadn’t. They’ve been hosting the show ever since it began and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that, we may need a new host on BGT. So, here’s the honest truth… Britain’s Got Talent has incredible potential and has produced world class acts over the years, but we need something different, fast. Cowell, we hope you’re listening!


Do you think BGT has lost it’s touch? Let us know down below in the comments!


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

Pablo Urdiales Antelo is a writer at Talent Recap, covering 'Got Talent', 'The X Factor', and other worldwide talent shows. Occasionally writing pop culture content, he's quick to form opinions on celebrity controversies and political revelations. He lives in London, United Kingdom.

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