‘Bring The Funny’ Showcase Round Will Make You LOL For Real

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Tonight six acts will perform but only 2 will go through on the Showcase Round of Bring The Funny. But this time it isn’t up to Chrissy Teigen, Kenan Thompson, and Jeff Foxworthy…not entirely. It’s up to America…God help us. The American public is voting on who goes through.

The Chris and Paul Show on Bring the Funny

Chris and Paul have a sleepover.

Genius. Simple concept: a guy is told he can’t eat a cookie, he wants to eat the cookie, Chrissy Teigen’s husband John Legend’s song, and a person in a giant cookie costume. That’s pretty much it. Jeff said they had the best set of the season…he might be right.

Matt Rife on Bring the Funny

Matt got some notes from Chrissy that he was creeping her out with his flirting. It was a joke…or was it? At any rate, Matt is a pretty funny dude. His thing about wishing for a trampoline instead of his dead dad to return was truly inspired. Like the judges said, he took notes well and it definitely improved his performance.

Erica Rhodes on Bring the Funny

I didn’t really connect with this set. I felt like it was too…ordinary for Erica. She’s so clever and has such a great persona, but I didn’t see enough of it. I agree with Kenan that she needs to bump up the energy a lot. I think perhaps that was what was missing?

JK Studios on Bring The Funny

I thought this sketch was terrible. I didn’t like the premise of the lame guy that matched with Emma Stone. I mean, the priest was such a deus ex machina. Truth be told I haven’t liked JK Studios this whole time and this was by far the worst sketch.

Ali Siddiq on Bring The Funny

I love Ali’s use of levels. He’s sitting down, he climbs on the stool, walks around, it was fantastic. Ali’s delivery style is so cool. Like, I said last week it’s like Cosby before we knew he was a rapist. Jeff was right that he needed to slow down and when he did it made all the difference. I hope he goes through.

Jared Fell on Bring The Funny

The problem with Jared has been from the start that this is much more magic than it is comedy. Jared is funny, don’t get me wrong, but I agree with the judges that maybe it’s not enough. Did he BRING the FUNNY? Not sure.

Who got through on Bring the Funny and who did not?

The judges deliberated and decided to go with Ali Siddiq, which is absolutely the right decision. The Chris and Paul show were also picked and this was also the correct choice.

The remaining four acts can only get through with America’s help. go to NBC.com/vote to hear your voice heard.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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