‘Bring The Funny’ Judge Jeff Foxworthy’s 10 Funniest Moments

Jill O'Rourke
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Jeff Foxworthy is returning to TV screens this summer on the new comedy talent show Bring the Funny. He’ll be joining fellow judges Kenan Thompson and Chrissy Teigen when the series premieres July 9 on NBC.

Before the show starts, we wanted to share some of the funniest moments from each of the judges, to let you know what you can expect from them. We’ve already shared Kenan and Chrissy’s most laugh-inducing moments, so now it’s time to look back at Jeff’s decades-long career in comedy.

1. “You Might Be A Redneck”

If we tried to list all of Jeff’s redneck jokes, we would be here all day. So here’s a compilation video to give you a taste of the classic joke format. Some of the best examples include “If your dad walks you to school because you’re in the same grade” and “If you go to the family reunion to meet women.”

2. “Where’s The Remote?”

In this sketch from Jeff’s show Blue Collar TV, his character is excited to sit down and watch some football, only to discover he can’t find the remote. Since the TV is stuck on a show about childbirth, he’s desperate to find it, and will even tear apart his living room in the search.

3. Colonoscopy Story

Jeff’s story about preparing for his colonoscopy is not for the faint of heart. He talks about accidentally taking all of his required laxatives at once, and you can imagine where the story goes from there. “It sounded kind of like the fireplace in The Amityville Horror,” he said of his stomach.


4. Relative Insanity Card Game

Jeff created a card game that’s a family-friendly answer to Cards Against Humanity. He showed Jimmy Fallon how to play on The Tonight Show last year. It involves matching set-ups to punchlines, and they all have something to do with relatives. One example? “I will never forget the day my mother looked at me and said … you were conceived in a car wash.”

5. “How Big Is Your Deck?”

In another sketch from Blue Collar TV, Jeff and his friends talk about the size of their decks. If you can’t figure out the joke after almost five minutes of them talking, then I don’t know what to tell you.

6. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Jeff used to host this game show that challenges adults to compete against elementary schoolers in a trivia contest. In 2015, he hosted a special version of the show with Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull on The Tonight Show.

7. Redneck 12 Days of Christmas

In the ’90s, Jeff released a music video for a redneck version of the “12 Days of Christmas” song. The gifts included a “12-pack of Bud,” wrestling tickets, nine years probation, and five flannel shirts.

8. Side Effects

During one of his stand-up routines, Jeff spoke about the side effects listed on those prescription drug commercials. His version of the side effects seem to go on endlessly, including such things as “low resale value on your home.”

9. Kidney Stones

Jeff recently shared the story of having five kidney stones over six weeks. He said it felt “like Chuck Norris kicked me in the back” when he first realized something was wrong. By the time the story ends, you’ll be terrified of developing a kidney stone yourself.

10. Incomplete Deer Hunter

Jeff gives hunting tips with a humorous twist in this series. This episode opens with his stakeout being interrupted by a pickle jar emergency and ends with a meeting between deer.

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