Bring The Funny Comedy Clashes End With A Bonkers Episode

Bring The Funny Comedy Clash

The last night of the Comedy Clash round on Bring the Funny was on fire. Not literally, but figuratively. The last group of comedy acts competed against each other for a spot in the next round when America, not the judges, will pick who goes through. Excited? Well, you should be.

Matt Rife vs. Rocky Dale Davis

It was a confrontation between two real-life friends. Rocky talked about how Southerner’s love of deep fried fatty foods makes it tough to live in LA. It was a solid set. Rocky definitely has some great comedy chops and he plays to that niche Southern comedy genre that Jeff Foxworthy pretty much invented. But he has a modern sensibility that could take him far. Like a Southern hipster.

Matt is a funny dude and his bit about sexy Jesus getting rejected for his horoscope was great. The thing that I wonder is if in a different context, say a regular comedy club, if the act would work as well. What I mean is that a lot his act required participation with the judges. If he’s in a club full of strangers and doesn’t have prepared material ahead of time, could he improv on the spot? They were pretty evenly matched but in the end the judges chose Matt Rife. They said he was more polished and I have to agree.

Frangela vs. Andrea Lopez

Frangela kicked it off with a hilarious bit where they give a Patton-type speech about the humble housecoat. One of the great things about Frangela is their energy. It really is infectious. They have been around for a long time. I remember seeing them doing talking head spots in listicle shows on TV in the early 2000’s. I actually liked this bit more than the movie theater thing they did last time. Maybe because it was so goofy?

Andrea Lopez is a completely different kind of act. Andrea is an impressionist, which if done badly can be really painful. But Andrea does it really well. Not only are her impressions perfect but her incorporation of voice-over, lights, etc really give it an edge. I still think that Andrea needs to audition for SNL immediately. Jeff broke the tie and picked Frangela. I have to say I agree because Andrea belongs on a TV sketch show and not stand-up in my opinion.

The ValleyFolk vs. Drennon Davis

Not surprisingly, they put these two weirdo acts together. Drennon went first and what can you say? It’s friggin’ bonkers. He does impressions, uses music, and multimedia to create the strangest environment. Like, I feel like I’m high but I’m not.

ValleyFolk had me at the stupid looking robot. When he started dancing around and repeating “You’re husband is dead” I started laughing and didn’t stop for the rest of the act. They kept escalating the sketch, which is exactly what you always want to do. This is a tough one for me because both of these acts play to my interests. I’m demented too. Jeff once again broke the tie and chose the ValleyFolk, who is the one I picked. But Drennon is amazing.

Orlando Leyba vs. Ali Siddiq

Orlando is another weird act. Not so much in his material than in his delivery. The bit about downloading a period app to monitor your wife’s period is pretty tired, BUT he makes it work with his delivery. If I had to describe his style I’d say he’s a manic Hispanic. I’m Hispanic so I can say that. We actually interviewed Orlando for our Bring the Funny Talent Recap Show. What a funny ass dude. See the video below.

Ali is also a comedian with an interesting delivery. He reminds me of Bill Cosby’s early work or Dick Gregory. He’s cool and his timing is sick. I also feel his act is really solid. I don’t think this is the case, but his delivery makes Orlando seem shaky. Which is totally untrue because Orlando has to be confident to be that weird. It’s a perception issue. The judges chose Ali and I can definitely see why. He was the stronger comedian tonight.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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