Boyz II Men ‘Songland’ Recap: This New R&B Hit Is Full Of Modern Funk

Samantha Agate
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Boyz II Men came to Songland looking for a memorable song. They hope for something more contemporary and modern-day to introduce to their fans. The four-time Grammy-winning group left everyone including the producers in complete awe when they joined this episode.

Zak Waters Brought A New Funky Flavor To ‘Songland’

Zak Waters started a band after high school. He then ventured into songwriting. He grew up listening to 90s R&B music. His song is called “Bad Things” and it’s about experiencing a breakup and remembering the bad things about a person. Boyz II Men loves the chorus of the song. They think that some of the lyrics can be eliminated with the song. Ryan Tedder thinks the chorus is too funky. This song is definitely something new and fresh and it seems like it is exactly what the group is looking for. There was hardly any criticisms or suggested changes for it. He will be moving on to work with Ryan.


Juan And Lisa Winans Are Performing In Front Of Their Idols Boyz II Men

Juan and Lisa Winans spent nearly two years working on this song. The song is about Lisa and they are completely inspired by Boyz II Men. Lisa sings their song called “Maybe.” Shane McAnally thinks that the clear message of the song is not coming out. Juan says the song is about how the couple hit a rough patch in their relationship. Juan then sings the song in a different key. This changed the whole dynamics of the song and made it more relatable to Boyz II Men. The producers think they can change the melody a bit and make the song even more relatable. But, they praised the couple’s authenticity and willingness to share their story with the world. They will be moving on to work with Shane.

ChrisLee Has A Slow Acoustic Song For The Producers

Chris Lee is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey who currently lives in Los Angeles. He has been pursuing music full time and is currently working on his own EP. He does a ton of music synchronization for television. His song “Lovestruck” is about how he fell in love with his current girlfriend while she was in a relationship. The group suggests changing the pre-chorus to a lighter melody. Ryan says the pop part of his brain wants to simplify the chorus. He will be moving on to work with Ester.

Charles Infamous Brings A Hip Hop Flare To The Show

Charles Infamous is a hip hop producer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He really has that new fresh perspective that the group is seeking. His song “Jukebox” is about nostalgia but also gives a glimpse of the 2020 vision and the future. He thinks the nostalgic vibe will really appeal to Boyz II Men. Shane thinks the melody is super catchy. The Boyz like the vibe but think the melody can be stronger. Ryan wants the range to get a little higher on the song. Unfortunately he will not be moving on to work with the producers.

ChrisLee (With Ester Dean)

The pair want to make the story of the song more clearly and work on the lyrics. They added more background vocals to the song. It sounds like something Justin Bieber would sing. It has a fresh new beat and a catchy melody. The song is truly a major contender and could totally do well on the radio and the charts.

Juan And Lisa Winans (With Shane McAnally)

Shane wants to make sure the concept of the song is clear. He related it to his own marriage and finding a common ground in his relationship. It really is such a vulnerable piece that so many other people can relate to. Boyz II Men wants the hook to feel more real and to get goosebumps from listening to it. For this second performance Shane thinks it’s wise to have Juan sing and have Lisa do some harmonies. The new song definitely feels less dated. The new song is called “What If It’s Love.” The harmonies are beautiful.

Zak Waters (With Ryan Tedder)

Ryan finds it hard to do a pop song that is not too cheesy. They want to preserve some of the original funk in the song, but for the most part they will be starting from scratch. He wants to emphasize a more modern take on this song. Other than the chorus, the new song is completely different. It is genuinely more modern and a song that can be played on the radio.

And The Winning Song Is…

“Lovestruck” by ChrisLee and Ester Dean! But, in a shocking turn of events, Boyz II Men likes all of the songs and will be recording them all! They are all very different and unique in their own ways and it’s amazing that each artist will be getting such a legendary songwriting credit.

This show is truly full of surprises each and every week.


Tune in to Songland next week to see Bebe Rexha find her next pop hit.

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