Blind Dancer Proves There Is Nothing She Can’t Do In Stunning Performance [VIDEO]

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BaiYu Fisher is a dancer from Iowa who has albinism and is legally blind. There is no denying her incredible dance talent which she showed off in a solo in 2019 in a stunning dance routine. Check out her groundbreaking performance at the NUVO competition below.

In this performance, BaiYu does a variety of splits, leaps and tricks that showcase her tremendous flexibility and dancing skills. The emotion and heart she put into this performance make it clear that there are no limits for her.

Blind Dancer BaiYu Fisher Shows That She Has No Limitations

BaiYu was adopted from China when she was two years old. This was considered a special needs adoption due to her disability. Having albinism means that BaiYu does not have pigment in her skin, and also causes her eyesight to be completely blurry. She was featured in the documentary called The Promise of Iowa which depicts what it is like to be a student with a disability.

But she hasn’t let anything stop her from pursuing dance. She began dancing competitively in 2016. She has trained in ballet, contemporary and gymnastics to name a few and loves the ability to have the freedom of her movements. BaiYu has also worked with big names in the dance world like Travis Wall, Mark Meismer and tWitch showing that a blind dancer can do just as incredible things as a dancer with sight.


The teen also trained herself in circus performing and contortion along with hand-balancing. It sounds like an act that we would love to see on a show like America’s Got Talent in the future! If you are completely inspired by BaiYu’s story, definitely check out the video below. There have been so many inspirational acts that we have seen take the stage on talent competition shows that have seriously moved us to tears. They have showed us that you should always pursue your dreams no matter what.

BaiYu Continues To Pursue Dance Today

Now 18 years old, BaiYu is a mental health advocate and has posted very resourceful advice on Instagram for anyone struggling with mental health issues.

“I will advocate for mental health,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s not always an easy subject to talk about but there is power behind being able to spread the word.”

The dancer used her platform to lend her voice to another cause, human trafficking awareness.

She also often posts videos to show off her incredible aerial and circus skills. In the video below, she hangs from a ring that is suspended in the air and performs multiple tricks.

When she is not posting dance videos and fun photos on Instagram, she is posting on her lifestyle vlog YouTube channel. Her most recent video actually provides other small YouTubers with ideas on what kind of videos to post on their channels. She also posts hauls, shopping adventures and a few vlogs from quarantine.


BaiYu is definitely proof that you should follow your dreams and never let anything stop you.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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