Blake Shelton’s Manure Is Now More Popular Than His Hit Song “God’s Country”

Blake Shelton captured the hearts of The Voice viewers with his new parody cologne Manure.

The Voice finale went down Sunday evening without a hitch. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend pulled out all of the stops for the season 16 conclusion.

One thing we know about finales is that it almost always guarantees a fun-filled night full of laughter and joy! Finally the competition is over and contestants and judges alike can just let loose…and thats exactly what they did!

Manure Coming to A Shelf Near You

Voice host Carson Daly, introduces viewers to a brand new sponsor exclusive for the finale. Enter — Blake Shelton who whispers, “What is the essence of a cowboy?”

Blake jokes that the aroma of masculinity is Manure — the scent of the open range. In the mock commercial ad Blake tells viewers at home why Blake Shelton’s Manure is the cologne we’ve all been missing.

According to Blake, fertilizing your senses is exactly what Manure achieves and “one spritz, will take you to the rodeo”. Clearly Blake is talking about the pungent smell that makes you nose turn up at the very first whiff.

Blake hands down takes the cake for the best one liners of the season. “I dream of you, but I cant wrangle you.” Poking fun at cheesy commercials Blake adds, “Everywhere I go, there I am,” to which he confusingly stares at the camera.

Everything from his soft whisper to the black and white visuals adds to the hilarity of the entire product. What really reeled viewers in? The steamy poses and slow motion scenes.

What’s an ad without comical disclaimers?

–“Manure is not safe for use near livestock, small children, or tall adults” –“Manure must be kept at least 15 miles from any potable water source. — “Do not spray manure directly on skin.”

Manure side effects include unexplained paper cuts, extra teeth, and many more! The Voices OG Cowboy uncovered a gold mine that would probably do well if it was an actual cologne.

Check out the hilarious video below! Thanks for the laughs Blake!


Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

Lauren Ashley Beck is a writer and host for Talent Recap. Our resident “Survivor,” Lauren landed in LA by way of Michigan. She is a communications graduate with a passion for storytelling, hosting, and people. When she’s not working, you can catch Lauren watching true crime shows and eating an entire bag of hot Cheetos.

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