Blake Shelton Didn’t Recognize This ICONIC Gwen Stefani Song — See Her Reaction

Gwen Stefani couldn’t stop gushing about her boyfriend Blake Shelton during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. Even when Jimmy Fallon revealed that Blake didn’t recognize one of her most famous songs, she couldn’t get mad at him.

Jimmy shared a clip from the last time Blake was on the show, and they played “Name That Tune.” Before the clip started, Gwen admitted that it’ s a “hard game.” Apparently it’s even hard to recognize famous songs recorded by your girlfriend and fellow Voice coach.
Gwen Stefani reacts to Blake Shelton not recognizing “Hollaback Girl.”

Blake Shelton Doesn’t Know “Hollaback Girl”

In the clip, Blake and Jimmy hear the instrumental part of Gwen’s 2005 hit “Hollaback Girl.” Jimmy recognizes it after a few seconds, and can’t hide his laughter.

“Am I supposed to know it?” Blake asks. “Is that Gwen?” As Jimmy points out, “Blake is in a lot of trouble right now.” Blake goes on to joke, “I came on this show to promote my album, and I am losing everything. Everything in my life.”

But don’t worry — Shefani lives! When the show cut back to Gwen’s reaction, she was laughing, so it looks like he wasn’t in much trouble after all. “He should have known that one,” she admitted, but added, “He’s country. He doesn’t listen to that.”

Gwen Stefani talks about blocking Blake Shelton on “The Voice.”

Gwen Stefani Gushes About Blake Shelton

While speaking about her Las Vegas residency, Gwen explained that the show covers her “life story” through music. She said it “goes into the sad part of my life” before getting to “the happy part — the Blake part!”

Later in the interview, when Jimmy brought Blake up again, Gwen excitedly said, “Let’s talk about him!” She added that every time he goes on Jimmy’s show, she thinks, “Oh my God, two of my favorite humans. I swear, I love you, and I love Blake.”

However, that doesn’t mean she won’t get competitive. She told Jimmy about blocking Blake Shelton on the first episode of The Voice. Gwen explained that she “was gonna be screwed” if she didn’t do it.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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