UNRECOGNIZABLE Connie Talbot SHOCKS Simon Cowell In BGT Champions Return

Jill O'Rourke
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Connie Talbot, one of the most memorable contestants on Britain’s Got Talent, is returning to the show for the Champions season. The young singer came in second place to Paul Potts in BGT Season 1.

Connie was just 6 years old when she auditioned for BGT in 2007. She’s now 18. Judge Simon Cowell, who witnessed her first performance back in the first season, was shocked by Connie’s return.

Connie Talbot’s Audition in Britain’s Got Talent that shook Simon Cowell

Who Is Connie Talbot?

Connie is a singer whose performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” brought Amanda Holden to tears in her first BGT audition. At just 6 years old, Connie was noticeably missing her front teeth.

Her sweet voice charmed the judges, including Simon Cowell. “I’m going to talk to you like an adult, because I think it’s important,” Simon told her. “I thought you were fantastic.”

Although Connie lost the season to singer Paul Potts, she went on to record several albums, and has over one million subscribers on YouTube, where she posts covers.

Bohemian Rhapsody cover by Connie Talbot.

Connie Talbot Returns To ‘BGT’

Connie returned to the BGT stage for the new Champions season. According to the Sun, Simon Cowell told her, “Connie, you have teeth!”

The judge reportedly added, “I will remember that first audition for the rest of my life. I don’t think we’d be sitting here now if it wasn’t for you.”

Connie apparently performed an original song for her Champions appearance. She reportedly said of her first audition, “When I look back it is like it’s a different person, I was so small and had no teeth.”

According to Metro, Connie recently said that she wanted to impress Simon in her original audition, explaining, “I absolutely loved Simon Cowell.” She added that they sometimes see each other at events.


When Does ‘BGT: The Champions’ Air?

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions premieres this Saturday, August 31, on ITV. Connie will once again be competing against Season 1 winner Paul Potts, as well as several other popular acts from BGT history.

The show will also feature acts from other Got Talent shows around the world. That includes Asia’s Got Talent winner and AGT star The Sacred Riana. The show was pre-taped, which unfortunately led to the winner being leaked. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you.

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