‘BGT’ Judge Amanda Holden, 49, Reveals The Weirdly Genius Secret That Makes Her Look 10 Years Younger

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Amanda Holden always looks gorgeous whether she is on the set of Britain’s Got Talent or posing for her fans on Instagram. But how exactly does the 49-year-old mother of two manage to look so youthful and effortlessly gorgeous? Her beauty secret is definitely a little unconventional but it is absolutely worth trying.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Judge Amanda Holden Revealed Her Best Beauty Secret

Makeup lovers know that the secret to flawless makeup starts with skincare. Amanda does not use typical skincare, eye creams or moisturizers. Instead, she swears by hemorrhoid cream. Yes, you read that right. It’s the cream that goes…you know where. She opened up on “The Heart Breakfast” to Jamie Theakston about this beauty hack and how it does wonders for her skin. Amanda urged fans to stop using tea bags under their eyes and other expensive eye creams to try and de-puff and get rid of dark undereye circles. “Just dab some hemorrhoid cream under those puppies and you’ll be looking ten years younger,” she said on the show.


When she was questioned by her co-host about this odd product, Amanda said “Well it’s for a veiny area in the first place right? So it decreases the visibility of wrinkles and dark circles.” She definitely maintains a youthful glowy appearance so maybe we should take her advice and test it out. “It’s an amazing trick, just try it out for yourselves and trust me, you’ll never go back!” she added.

Amanda’s Hemorrhoid Cream Trick Has Been Around For A While

One Twitter user said “Amanda Holden’s hemorrhoid cream trick for looking younger has been around a long time. That was old when 30 Rock was doing jokes about it 10 years ago.” So maybe it’s not such a far-fetched weird thing to use on your face after all. It definitely seems like Amanda has found a product that works for her so she continues to keep it in her beauty routine.

According to TODAY, “By narrowing the vessels, it helps reduce puffiness. It can also make any bluish discoloration less noticeable.” But leading dermatologists suggest only using it in small amounts to prevent it from accidentally irritating your eyes. Amanda isn’t the only celebrity to sing the praises of this makeup hack.


Back in 2017, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic also spoke about using hemorrhoid cream to smooth the under-eye area before applying concealer or foundation. “It tightens the skin. That’s a really old, old trick. It smells really bad but it works,” he said.

Considering that both Kim and Amanda always look flawless throughout their busy days and tight schedules, this beauty hack seems to do the trick. Amanda also revealed that what keeps her looking so glowy on Britain’s Got Talent is a touch of some pink blush. “Whenever I don’t want to wear makeup, or whenever I can’t be bothered, I just whack on way too much blusher,” she said. It keeps her looking “alive and well.”


Have any of you guys ever tried hemorrhoid cream underneath your eyes? If so, did you see amazing results like Amanda Holden?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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