BGT Champions: Why Brits Turned On Paul Potts And His Response

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Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions premiered this weekend, and the first episode featured lots of past acts from Britain’s Got Talent and its sister shows around the world. However, when it came time for the moment of truth, viewers were floored when the one past winner competing on the first episode didn’t advance.

‘BGT: Champions’ Week 1 Results

Paul Potts was the champion of BGT’s inaugural season and proved to be a hit even across the pond in America, making it to the finals on AGT’s version of Champions. So it came as quite a shock on Saturday when he not only didn’t advance to the BGT Champions finals, but didn’t even crack the top three of the fan vote!

Paul Pott’s BGT: Champions Elimination

Much like its American counterpart, Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions sends two acts to the finals every week: one via Golden Buzzer, and the other based on voting from a small group of “superfans” present at the given episode’s taping. Paul delivered a good performance on Saturday’s premiere, but Simon said it was “shaky” and not up to his usual high standards. Still, seeing how successful Paul has been since his victory back in Series 1 the result was a little surprising.

Pual Potts received a standing ovation at the BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS and still got eliminated. Why are the Brits being so mean to him?

It’s interesting to note that neither the Golden Buzzer recipient (sand artist Kseniya Simonova from Ukraine’s Got Talent) nor the fan-chosen act (danger performers Bello & Annaliese Nock, who both competed on America’s Got Talent as individuals but have teamed up as a father-daughter duo for BGT Champions) were BGT alumni. Comparatively, on AGT Champions, at least one of the advancing acts in each episode previously competed on a regular AGTseason. So it’s possible that the BGT judges and superfans are simply more interested in seeing further performances from acts that are new to them than seeing performers they’re already pretty familiar with like Paul, but we’ll have to wait to see if that trend continues in the coming weeks.

Paul Pott’s Response To Getting Eliminated

Paul Potts has called Britain’s Got Talent ‘s Champions show “fixed” because there was no way he was going to get the golden buzzer.

The 48 year old opera singer won Britain’s Got Talent in 2007 but had to leave BGT: The Champions after failing to score enough votes from fans at the Wembley Arena.

During an appearance on BBC Radio Wales, Paul Potts admitted the running order definitely played a part in his unfortunate exit.

He said: “It’s a bit awkward if you’re last on. Because I think a lot of people might have thought it was fixed if it was left to the end. Once I knew the running order was going to be I knew I wasn’t going to get a golden buzzer cos they’re not going to give it to the last person.”

“They’d have to change the order so they deliberately left it to the end.”

On leaving the show, he said: “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed. But Britain’s Got Talent has given me the career I have. I was very happy to be back in front of the judges. It was great to be back in the show…”

Amanda Holden wasn’t too pleased on Paul Potts leaving BGT: The Champions

Amanda was surprised that Paul got dumped, but insisted she can’t disagree with the decision of the voters because its their choice.
Amanda Holden talks about Paul Potts getting eliminated and why the voters have the power in BGT: The Champions.

During her appearance on Heart Radio , she said: “I was stunned by the voting, as I said on Saturday. He is our first ever Britain’s Got Talent champion, he is an absolute trooper, a gorgeous man, very talented.”

“But then you can never argue with people who are voting… if I say I thought it was terrible [the decision], I’m thinking that I’m obviously denying [them their voice].

“There are 250 people in the audience that have the opportunity to vote, there are 10,000 actually watching the show at Wembley, but 250 people producers picked to represent the public.

“He had nothing to be disappointed about – he was absolutely brilliant, he brought the house down and I’m stunned he didn’t go through.”

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