‘BGT’ Auditions Week 4 Recap: Simon Cowell Storms Off!

Julia Delbel
1 year

We got to meet some more contenders for that coveted performance slot at this year’s Royal Variety Performance tonight, so let’s find out who we might be seeing again in the next round of Britain’s Got Talent!

Derek Sandy

Derek Sandy kicked the show off with a sharp costume and original song, and he certainly made a big impression! Even Ant and Dec got in on the fun onstage while he was singing. His charm easily won the judges over and he got four yeses. (And does anyone else really want to go to the Isle of Wight now?)

Matt Sterling

We’re still only in the auditions, but I already think Matt Stirling is a serious contender to win this series. He took a textbook magic trick we see variations of on these shows all the time and made it into a full-on performance that incorporating magic, stunts, and comedy. It was an obvious unanimous “yes” from the judges and if he can do this much in one performance I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next time we see him!

Dave & Finn

But Matt’s going to have some stiff competition from 9-year-old German shepherd Finn and his 42-year-old human companion Dave. They had some amazing tricks and the ability to tug at the heartstrings. Of course, they made it through anonymously as well.

Ethan Higgins

Ethan Higgins may be small, but he’s got some sweet moves!


Rosie and Adam are known as “Rollabatics” put on a performance that was, well, part steamrollering and part acrobatics! It looked as if they were doing a figure skating routine on the BGT stage. The judges all loved it and sent them forward!

Shiela Callaghan

Sheila Callaghan had an original song for someone special….yeah, we all knew where this was going. Except we actually didn’t, because it was actually about David, not Simon! The performance wasn’t good, but it was certainly nice to see the love for the judges spread out a little bit. Simon – who buzzed Sheila – called it “the worst song [he’d] ever heard”, but the rest of the judges sent her forward.

One-man band Roger Butler saw a similar fate, with Simon straight-up leaving the judges’ table after buzzing. But since the other judges love to mess with him (which I am totally in support of) they all sent Roger through.

Ketherine & Joe

Katherine and Joe are BGT veterans – last year they auditioned as Belle and the Beast from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, but this time they paid tribute to Frozen, complete with a tap dancing reindeer! Simon and Alesha both buzzed, but after Amanda threw Simon’s line that “The most important thing about Britain’s Got Talent is listening to our audience,” right back in his face, he agreed to forfeit his vote to the audience, who said yes along with Amanda and David.

Giorgia Borg: Golden Buzzer!

10-year-old Giorgia Borg ended the episode with an original song about not being taken seriously due to her age. Well, after that performance I don’t think she’ll have to worry about that on this show, especially after receiving Alesha’s Golden Buzzer!

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