Battle Rounds Continue On ‘The Voice UK’

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So, the blind auditions are over and it’s time to move on to the battle rounds on The Voice UK. These polite Brits are going to have to get raw as they go head-to-head to see who stays and who goes. It was quite a night with some really fun duets. 

Holly Ellison vs. Chris James

The two of them took on I Would Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf, which is one of my all-time favorite singers. Though Chris did an able job, it was Holly who took the day and stayed on team Olly.

Tai vs. Kade Smith

Tai and Kade from team Will hit the stage with their rendition of Stand By Me. Tai killed it though Kade was equally as good. Will chose Tai but luckily Olly swooped in and stole Kade.

Jamie Grey vs. RYT

Jamie took on singing duo RYT and easily beat them. He made it through the blind auditions last year but was eliminated in the battles, so he’s happy to still be in the mix.

Bailey Nelson vs. Kirby Frost

This was a close one with the two of them singing the song Friends. In the end, Olly chose Kirby, mainly because he’s cute and named after a pink spherical video game character.

Eliza Gutteridge vs. Courtney O’Neil

This was a square off of power singers when these two artists sang Rachel Platten’s Fight Song. Though Courtney did an outstanding job, it was Eliza who won the day.

Lucy Milburn vs. Simon Davies

Can you say upset? Simon is a fan favorite with his blind audition video getting over a million hits. But when he and Lucy sang Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes, it was Lucy who made it through. I’m surprised no one stole him.

Anna Wilson-Holt vs. Nandi

Speaking of steals, after Will saved Anna in this battle, Tom stole Nandi after being talked into it by the other coaches. Like, really talked into which can’t make her feel very confident.

Belle Voci vs. Scarlett Quigly

The duo took on Scarlett by singing the Nirvana classic Smells Like Teen Spirit. Which was weird. But Belle Voci won and stayed on team Jen.

Rhianna Abrey vs. Donel Mangena

Will decided to keep Donel but J-Hud thought Rhianna might could one day be as big as…er…Rhianna and she stole her.

Jake Benson vs. Jilly Reilly

Jake and Jilly are both great singers which made the decison really hard for Jennifer. She chose Jake in the end but it honestly could have gone either way.

Harri Oakland vs. Ross Anderson

They sang September song and it was…ok. They were both clearly nervous but at this point in the game, as Olly pointed out, you have to bring your A-game. Jennifer chose Ross because of his natural talents.

Jason Nicholson-Porter vs. Tesni Jones

This was the best performance of the night as the duo sang Let It Be by the Beatles. Both of them are amazing singers and Jen chose Jason but, again, it could have gone either way.

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