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Bad Salsa Makes India Proud With Jaw-Dropping Dance On ‘America’s Got Talent’ [VIDEO]

Samantha Agate
2 weeks

Sonali and Sumanth of the Indian dancing duo Bad Salsa were elated to find themselves in the semifinals on America’s Got Talent. They wanted to show everyone why they should be voted into next week’s finale with an incredibly fast-paced dance number. Take a look at their stellar performance below.

Bad Salsa Wanted To Make India Proud On ‘America’s Got Talent’

“India is a country rich in traditions. Dance is used to express your emotions” Sumanth said before the performance. The pair performed from their native Kolkata, India via satellite as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has kept them from performing live at Universal Studios. “Being on America’s Got Talent is the greatest thing to happen to us and we are bursting with pride that we made it to the semifinals” Sonali said. “We have received an immense amount of support from India and we want to make our country proud. We want to win this so very badly” Sumanth continued. The pair put on an incredible show complete with new death-defying tricks, super-fast spins and traditional Indian music. The judges gave them a standing ovation after watching their performance.


“This is one of the shows that I enjoy the most, every time you guys show up even when I watch it with my family everybody wants to dance,” Sofia Vergara said about the performance. “This is beyond ballroom dancing it’s dangerous I see a little bit of comedy in it that you guys are doing between you two.” She went on to say that she hopes to see Bad Salsa in the finals. “You are also one of my favorites,” Heidi Klum said. “I so enjoy watching you guys so much, it feels like it is almost like on fast forward because it’s lightning speed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone ever dance this fast as you do.” Heidi said that they did in fact make India proud. “That was amazing, worthy of the finals,” Howie Mandel said once again giving Bad Salsa a standing ovation.

Can They Win ‘AGT’?

We have all fallen in love with Bad Salsa over the course of the competition and they really have been stepping up their game every single week. Do they have what it takes to win America’s Got Talent? Absolutely. The pair have shown persistence and tremendous athleticism coupled with their pride for India. Hopefully, they have won over the American voters to push them into the finals as much of their global fanbase is not eligible to vote. If you are one of those people that is obsessed with Bad Salsa like we are, definitely check out our What’s Hot Video where we talk about 10 facts about them. Everything from their humble beginnings and practice schedule will blow your mind and these two young dancers completely deserve to win America’s Got Talent.


Do you think Bad Salsa will win America’s Got Talent? While they have some stiff competition from some of the other acts, it was clear that the judges and America loved their performance last night. Want more of Indian acts? Mriganka, Talent Recap‘s managing editor and host compiled a list of all the Indian acts on AGT and BGT.

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