Baby, Baby, Oh No! Justin Bieber May Have Just Revealed The Ending Of ‘The Bachelor’

Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato on The Ellen ShowSamantha Agate | Talent Recap

There has been so much anticipation leading up to the finale of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor which is set to air this Monday. Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss are the only two women remaining in the competition. But with Prewett giving Weber an ultimatum that she would leave the show if he was intimate with another woman, it is speculated that Prewett does follow suit and will decide to leave the competition on her own.

Will Peter Chase After Madison?

Justin Bieber sure thinks so. Bieber recently made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that was guest-hosted by his friend Demi Lovato. The two began talking about The Bachelor franchise and Bieber mentioned that Weber showed up to Hillsong Church recently. Hillsong is attended by a lot of celebrities including both Lovato and Bieber, Chris Pratt, Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner just to name a few.

Prewett is very religious and constantly mentioned to Weber how much her faith means to her. In recent episodes, she opened up about her decision to remain a virgin until marriage. She believed that Weber should not be intimate with any of the other women if he really thinks she is his future wife. She was hesitant to accept his rose during last week’s rose ceremony after it was revealed that he was intimate with two other women.


Weber’s appearance at Hillsong Church may be his way of learning more about Prewitt’s faith and becoming more spiritual so that he can earn back her trust.

Peter’s Mom Wants Him To Bring Madison Back Home

In the trailer that dropped for the finale episode of the show, Weber’s mom is seen pleading to her son to “bring her home to us.” This likely happens after Prewett decides to leave the show and goes home. Weber likely goes back home to tell them the news of Prewett’s departure, and his mother, who was a fan of Prewett from the start pushes him to chase after her. In their first one-on-one date of the season, Weber brought Prewett home to meet his family and attend his parent’s vow renewal.

Prewett also met his extended family from Cuba and everyone seemed to really like her and felt that she made a good match for Weber. This explains why Weber’s mother Barbara has such an emotional reaction in the trailer when she learns that Madison went home.

Are Madison And Peter Currently Engaged?

According to Bachelor connoisseur Reality Steve, the pair are not currently engaged but are dating. It is speculated that Weber might propose to Prewett during the After The Finale Rose special that always premieres live after the final rose ceremony.

Weber promised from the start that nobody could spoil the ending of his season. But it certainly seems like fans and Bieber alike think they have a pretty good idea of how it will all play out.

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Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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