‘Australia’s Got Talent’ Judges Left Speechless By Sexy Pole Dancing Trio

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Pure Pole Angels, a pole dancing trio consisting of Emma McDonald, Michelle Hafner and Kimmie McGowan really brought something new to Australia’s Got Talent in 2010. It was one of the first times pole dancers appeared on any ‘Got Talent’ show and really paved the way for it to be recognized as an art form. Check out their audition below.

Pure Pole Angels Blew The Judges Minds On ‘Australia’s Got Talent’

The women of Pure Pole Angels shared that they all have normal day jobs, but they like to pole dance as one of their main hobbies. The judges looked rather interested to see what these three women were going to do for their Australia’s Got Talent audition. They combined acrobatics, gymnastics, dancing and pole tricks in their show-stopping routine to “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne. At one point, all three girls got on the pole together for an unexpected trick that almost mirrored a balancing routine.

Judges Kyle Sandilands, Brian McFadden and Dannii Minogue were all completely speechless after the performance. Dannii even said that she had previously taken a pole dancing class and recognized how hard it really is. She praised the women for being so strong and even suggested that they would go on tour with Lady Gaga or another pop star.


Pure Pole Angels made it to the Semi-Finals where they danced to “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera. They danced in sexy sailor costumes and had two poles for this performance. Midway through the routine, the women ripped off their skirts to reveal sparkly underwear. “Your bodies are off the hook,” Kyle said. It’s pretty much what everybody was thinking after the performance. They failed to advance to the Finals where another dance group Justice Crew were crowned the winners of the competition.

Where Are They Now?

Pure Pole Angels did expand to more members, some of whom performed at Muay Thai Fight Night in 2013. The group actually started their own school and offer pole dancing lessons that you can book online. The group also have their own YouTube channel though they have not uploaded any videos in about a year. They just opened up a brand new studio in Brisbane, Australia after taking a brief hiatus from Instagram for about three years.

It seems like in recent years, the group has been focused on growing their own personal brand and teaching others their sexy pole dancing skills.

If you enjoyed seeing Pure Pole Angels become one of the first great pole dancing acts in the ‘Got Talent’ franchise, then check out the compilation below. There are quite a few other pole dancing acts that really made a splash on talent competition shows and brought something new to the stage.


Do you think there should be more pole dancing acts on ‘Got Talent’ shows? We do see a lot of dancers and singers but it seems like it’s time for something new.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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