And The Winner Of ‘The X Factor UK’ Is Dalton Harris

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The winner of The X Factor UK is Dalton Harris. What a surprise. That’s sarcasm. I said it was going to end this way and it did. It’s not just a matter of opinion either. We at Talent Recap looked at social media mentions, downloads, streaming, and the overall voting. It wasn’t even close. Let’s look at the finale. 

There were a lot of performances that had nothing to do with the show. After all, they have to fill an hour and a half. The performance of Baby Shark makes me very glad I’m not a parent. Eric Cowell announced it and it was cute…but good lord. Then the final three came out: Dalton Harris, Anthony Russell, and Scarlett Lee. What a journey it’s been. Anthony returned to the show after leaving last year after only a few weeks. Scarlett has been climbing her way to the top with her soulful voice, truly the second coming of Adele. And then there is Dalton, the sexiest voice to come out of the UK since George Michael.

Anthony Russell went up first. He rocked out with I Predict a Riot by The Kaiser Chiefs, showing that he’s not just a pretty voice, but can also shred your face off. It was downright punk rock. In other words, it was awesome. As far as I can tell, Anthony’s only problem is that I can’t understand a word he says when he is talking normally. I don’t speak Liverpool, I guess. Too Texan.

Next up was Scarlett Lee. She went straight for the Christmas theme and sang an astounding version of One More Sleep. She knocked it out of the park with a little help from Leona Lewis. I feel bad because I think she’s extremely talented, but I knew she wasn’t going to win this. While I think that second to Dalton she has the best voice, Dalton was unstoppable.

As an aside before we get to Dalton, Chic and Nile Rodgers performed a medley of their hits. Finally a guest performance that is truly great and didn’t make me want to go to get a coke or go for a pee. Just saying.

Then came Dalton, in the pimp spot. It’s so clear that the show has been pushing him, and why not? He is clearly the best singer this season. Not only that, but he’s so magnetic and has star quality. The x factor, if you will. He sang The Power of Love By Frankie Goes to Hollywood and annihilated the stage. He sang with James Arthur and it was…seriously made me cry. Then Robbie joined some of Take That for a return to the 90’s golden era of the boy band. Good stuff.

Then came the results. After a long journey, Dalton Harris was crowned the king. I mean…not literally the king. You can’t say that in a country that still has the monarchy.

So, that’s it for this season. It was amazing. Check out our X Factor videos at Talent Recap UK and we’ll be back next year with more coverage.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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