And The Winner Of ‘The World’s Best Is…

the world's best winnerJack Tomas | Talent Recap

The Wold’s Best winner is Lydian Nadhaswaram! That’s right the kid pianist that blew us all away with his virtuosity took the title of the world’s best on…er…The World’s Best.

When the season started out, everyone thought that Dimash or Dineleya or The TNT Boys were going to take the prize. But there was something about Lydian that always made me wonder if he could go the distance. Every single one of his performances was peak perfection. As he kept proceeding through the competition it felt more possible that he could win the whole thing and he has. That means he’s 1 million dollars richer tonight. Not bad for a kid.

Talent Recap’s Own very own Lauren Ashley Beck interviewed Lydian a couple of week ago and you’ve got to check it out below. The interview is kind of sad, actually. Lydian says he doesn’t have any friends except the kids on The World’s Best. That seriously made us tear up in the office. His whole life is playing music. He eats, sleeps, and plays piano. That’s it. I hope that this win will give him some room to take a breath and go out and be a kid for a while and make some friends.

Lydian, congrats. And for the record: we’re your friends.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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