And The Winner Of ‘American Idol’ 2019 Is…

American Idol Final 3Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

The winner of American Idol 2019 is Laine Hardy! Some people are going to be surprised that Alejandro didn’t take the crown, but we’ve been watching the numbers and Laine has been killing it lately. Now I owe our writer Kyle $20. Damnit.

Laine Hardy represents the thing that American audiences love more than anything: a comeback. We first met Laine last season, a young man fresh off the bayous of the South. He was rough but he definitely had something about him. He left fairly early in the competition, which actually surprised us. But when he returned this season he was completely different. He had a swagger and confidence that made him irresistible. He transformed over the season from a straight country singer and into a rockabilly Elvis-like god. Of course he won. He appealed to both the country fans and the rock fans. A double whammy.

But don’t feel bad for Alejandro and Madison. I have no doubt, talented as they are, that they will land on their feet. After all, often times it isn’t the winner of Idol that has the bigger career but the runner ups.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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