‘America’s Got Talent’ Kicks Off With A Truly Great Show



Last night was the premiere of America’s Got Talent and it did not disappoint. We had cat acts, singers, and one spooky girl from the bowels of hell. Simon Cowell, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum were back along with host Tyra Banks to do their thing. So, let’s examine what happened, shall we? Let’s!

Savitsky Cats

Simon famously loves dogs but hates cats. As a cat person myself I loved watching these felines do tricks. Do you realize how much harder it is to get cats to do anything than a dog? That alone deserved the four yeses.

Shin Lim

I mean, this was a neat card trick…but it was a card trick. Close-up magic just isn’t really thrilling on TV. In spite of that they gave this magician four yeses.

Ian and Mike

This was just weird. A dude named Ian came out and said he really thought he could do a good job as a judge. So, Simon ‘fires’ Howie and gives Ian his seat. Then a man named Mike came out and made fart noises with his hands. The other three judges gave him nos and Ian hesitated and was also told no.

We Three

Who doesn’t love a sibling band singing a song about their mom. There was not a dry eye in the house. These guys were pretty good and got an enthusiastic four yeses from the judges.

Human Fountains

When this quartet hit the stage the judges figured they were going to do a singing act. They then began to spit water at each other to music. Simon hit his no buzzer but the other three dug it.

Junior New System

The Philippines is back in the house with this dance act who saved up their money so they could come and audition for AGT. Their act was truly beautiful and they got four enthusiastic yeses.


This young woman lost her father to gun violence so she came on the show to flow about that very subject. Controversial to some but she really delivered. She easily got four yeses.

Vicki Barbolak

Vicki has been part of the comedy business for decades and just hasn’t broken through. Well, she may have just now. She was seriously funny. 4 yeses.

Some Scary Dude

Thern came a guy who claimed to summon the spirit of a witch into a mask. It was dumb, oh so dumb, and he immediately got four nos.

Sacred Riana

When I heard there was going to be a really scary act on last night I wondered if it was going to be Sacred Riana. She won Asia’s Got Talent and is trying her luck in America. Her act is magic mixed with horror. She doesn’t talk and just acts possessed while doing magic tricks. Simon wasn’t feeling it but the other three gave her yeses. She reacted by twitching.


Meanwhile, on the Earthly plain, Zucaroh brought together some people who needed help to become an acrobatic and gymnastics act. It was really great and inspiring and got Tyra’s golden buzzer.

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