‘America’s Got Talent’ Delivers Some Fun Surprises in Week 3 of Auditions

Julia Delbel
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America’s Got Talent is one of the most unique and diverse shows on reality television, and tonight’s episode proved this once again with a wide variety acts that covered all sides of the entertainment industry, including a few that subverted expectations in a big way. Let’s take a look at who we got to see audition this week!

Sophie Fatu

This 5-year-old singer definitely showed a lot of personality and the spirit of a performer, showing no signs of stage fright during her performance. The judges absolutely adored her and gave her four yeses, but whatever they saw in her voice eluded me. She has plenty of time to improve and become a really strong vocalist, but based on this performance I don’t think she quite matches up to the standard for AGT singers…yet.

Sixto Rodriguez

Quick-change has become its own genre of magic at this point, and the fact that it’s becoming more and more common means that it’s getting more and more difficult to stand out. Even without the special props and lighting we’d see in the live show rounds to help them bring the magic alive, these two managed to do so by showing a lot of personality and ending the performance by bringing in a “guest star” – Tyra! They easily got four yeses from the judges.

Noah Guthrie

Noah was on Glee toward the end of the show’s run, but since it ended he wasn’t been able to break back into the mainstream…until his AGT audition, that is. The judges raved about his performance and unanimously sent him through.


The term I think best describes this act would be “caterpillar impressionist”. He crawled around the stage and then began transforming into a butterfly. I was very surprised none of the judges buzzed him right away, but by the time he’d reached his final form he’d received four red X’s, meaning he officially didn’t have a spot in the next round (and also didn’t have any pants on).

The Future Kings

This Chicago hip-hop group showed up with some great choreography – as Mel B said, it was “on point” – and the passion of the dancers was evident throughout the routine. They got four yeses – and some donuts!

Front Pictures

AGT has seen a lot of technology-based dance acts over the years. This one took awhile to get going, but it was worth the wait: the visuals were much more immersive than most of the other performances we’ve seen in this category, with the 3D aspects being especially impressive. The judges gave them four yeses, and while I’m glad they advanced I’d like to see the performer do a little more the next time we see this act so it’s more of a collaboration between him and the technology.

Ms. Trysh

It seems to have become an AGT tradition that we have someone come to serenade Simon at auditions every season. Usually these acts aren’t taken seriously, but Trish proved to be a legitimately good singer who put her heart and soul into her song. She got four yeses (and a hug from Simon) but she had one more surprise in store for the judges…her husband!

Lord Nil

This was such a great, nail-biting escape act. Lord Nil’s face was locked inside a glass box and his arms was zip-tied to a pole while a second box filled with scorpions was slowly lowered onto his head. He managed to escape just in time by pulling the two sides of the horizontal pole together so he could grab a knife to cut the zip-ties, then using his newly-freed hands to unlock the face book just before the scorpions fell into it. The judges all voted to see him again, with Simon requesting to see snakes or alligators incorporated into one of his future performances.


This exuberant singer performed an energetic rendition of “Proud Mary” complete with an accordion and back-up dancers. He even threw in a little tap dance section and ended with the splits! The judges weren’t quite sure to make of the whole thing, but they all agreed it made them feel happy, so Hans received four yeses.

Samuel J. Comroe

Samuel jokes about his experiences with Tourette’s syndrome impressed the judges, earning him four yeses to advance in the competition.

Courtney Hadwin

I was admittedly not very excited about Courtney at first, since she seemed like she was going to be one of the typical teen pop-ballad singers that have become sort of a dime-a-dozen on reality TV. My pre-conceived notion was immediately shattered when the music began and Courtney immediately began grooving to the rhythm – and continued to do so throughout the song – and I was blown away when she started singing. While her performance was far from perfect and she did go off-key a few times, I think her raw-ness is exactly what is going to make her stand out in the competition. Howie coined her as “the next Janis Joplin” and gave her his Golden Buzzer, meaning we’ll be seeing Courtney in the live shows come August!

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