‘America’s Got Talent: Champions’ Gets A Surprise Visitor

America's Got Talent Champions

Former America’s Got Talent judge, David Hasselhoff is popping in on his old AGT digs. That’s right AGT: Champions will be better than ever come Monday!

America's Got Talent Champions

We hate to spoil the surprise, but yes David Hasselhoff is back on the AGT scene. If you recall, the former Baywatch star was an AGT judge (back in the dinosaur days) for a total of four seasons.

Get this, music mogul Simon Cowell and David go WAY back. Apparently Simon isn’t just good at making millions…but he’s a matchmaker as well. The sassy brit introduced Hasselhoff to his now wife Hayley Roberts. The pair wed in a beautiful ceremony last year. Simon is literally a Jack of all trades. We should just change the saying to “Simon of all trades”…am I right?

David Hasselhoff AGT

In an exclusive with Parade.com Simon details his history with David. “I was David’s A&R guy,” Simon revealed. “My first orders when I joined BMG were: Unless you get David Hasselhoff a hit in the U.K.– because he was one of the world’s biggest selling artists — you are fired. I then had to fly and meet him, and we had the funniest time.  That’s when we became friends.”

David and Simon’s friendship hasn’t wavered since, and The Hoff eventually filled Simons shoes on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2011.

David Hasselhoff Simon Cowell AGT

David gushed to the AGT panel,“I replaced him on Britain’s Got Talent and I met my wife,” he continues. “I met my wife at the St. James Hotel in Cardiff in Wales. She came up and asked me for an autograph and I said, ‘She’s the One.’  I knew it and we’ve been together for eight years now.”

Are you just as excited to see The Hoff back on your television screen as we are? What are some of your fav David Hasselhoff moments? Be sure to check out the clip below!

America’s Got Talent: The Champions airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.



Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

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