America’s Got Talent Audition Leads to Man Threatening to Slit His Own Brother’s Throat

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Gregory Rarey, 25, from Ohio, always wanted to audition for America’s Got Talent and he mentioned to everyone how he was going to do so this year but things went horribly wrong really quick.

As per the police report, the Warren City Police Department responded to a disturbance call this Sunday evening when they were informed that a man was refusing to leave an apartment complex. Once police arrived on the scene, Chad Cibik, 29, had a swollen left eye that was bruised.

What did the police find?

Police said they questioned Chad who said that brother Gregory Rarey, 25, stopped by and told everyone that he was going to enter into ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Once the family clearly told him that they would not support him financially to get him to the auditions, Gregory was irritated and he dashed out of the residence. After the brother’s parents left the residence, Rarey came back into the residence and began screaming at Cibik for not supporting him and his dreams.

Since Chad has children in his home, he decided to take the conversation elsewhere in another room.

As per the police report, Gregory swung at Chad’s face, landing a punch on the right side of Chad’s face, making his eye to swell.

Gregory then took Chad to the ground, placing him into a choke-hold. Gregory also but Chad in the forearm before Chad became unconscious.

The report also states that Gregory fled the scene on foot, possibly off to AGT Auditions we presume?

He was going to kill his brother for not letting him audition for America’s Got Talent

Once caught, Gregory told the police that he was going to kill Chad if he filed charges because then he would not be able to audition for America’s Got Talent.

Once detained, Gregory was told that he was going to jail to which Gregory reacted by stating he was going to kill Chad now.

The police advised him against saying that, to which Gregory replied that he was going to slit Cibik’s throat.

Gregory is in Trumbull County Jail for domestic violence and aggravated menacing. He can audition for America’s Got Talent next year perhaps?

Here are all the details about AGT Auditions happening near you, just don’t kill anyone for it. Please.

Excited for AGT: Champions, here the entire line up:


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