‘American Idol’s Duets Night Was Very Exciting



Last night on American Idol,  we had half of the top 24 singers, (12 for those of you who can’t do math), sing duets with some special celebrity guests. This, plus their performances on Sunday night either got them a pass to move on to the next round or sent them home. It was definitely a lot of fun.

Catie Turner with Andy Grammer

Everyone’s favorite awkward nerd with the golden voice sang Good to Be Alive by Andy Grammer. It was amazing as usual. What Catie is proving to everyone is that she is not just a novelty act but someone who absolutely deserves to be there. She moves forward in the competition.

Cade Foehner with Bishop Briggs

Katy’s latest crush, Cade Foehner, performed INXS’ Tear Us Apart and Cade KILLED it. This guy has got rock star written all over him. Even if he doesn’t win the compeitition, (though he is moving forward to the final 14), he’s got some rocking to do in the future that’s for sure.

Layla Spring with Sugarland

Layla is so adorable and has a great voice. She performed really well with Sugarland singing Stuck on You. Unfortunately, in the end it was not enough to save her and she was sent home.

Dominique with Aloe Blacc

Dominique did a really nice performance with Aloe Blacc, whose name sounds like a plant my mom had. Though he did an admirable job, he didn’t impress the judges and they sent him back to where he came from.

Brandon Diaz with Luis Fonsi

Brandon is a nice guy and he’s got a good voice, but he was out of his depths singing Despacito, the most popular song last year, with Luis Fonsi. He can’t really speak Spanish. Brandon was eliminated. Too bad. I was hoping a Cubano would win.

Kay Kay with Pat Monahan

Oh, Kay Kay. I feel like she has a lot of potential but she’s just not there yet. She did admirably singing with Monahan but it wasn’t enough to save her and she was eliminated.

Trevor McBane with Bishop Briggs

Though Trevor talks about being a fan of Bishop, he just can’t keep up with her. It’s a shame because I really like Trevor. He was sent back to his goats.

Michelle Sussett with Luis Fonsi

Now this pairing makes more sense. They sang a Bonnie Raitt song which was a surprise but it was a perfect pick for Michelle’s voice. They had great chemistry on stage and just annihilated the song. She easily moved forward.

Jonny Brenns with Andy Grammer

Good old Jonny stopped being so earnest for once and just let loose. He needs to loosen up but this performance was super solid and he will be moving on to the next round.

Dennis Lorenzo with Allen Stone

Now we’re talking. Dennis auditioned with one of Allen’s songs which the two of them sang last night, Unaware. Slayed is not to strong a word to describe what he did to this song. There was no way he wasn’t moving forward.

Michael J. Woodard with Pat Monahan

Another stand out performance from Michael J. Woodward. This guy is someone that the other contestants should be very afraid of. VERY afraid. He also went forward.

Gabby Barrett with Sugarland

Gabby has proved time and again that she’s got the chops to be on the show and she was able to keep up with Sugarland, no easy feat. She’s going forward and the judges love her. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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