‘American Idol’ Week 4: Meet This Season’s Cutest Couple

Jill O'Rourke
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American Idol Season 18 continued with a new round of auditions on Sunday night. Not only did the judges meet a host of talented artists, but they were also introduced to this season’s cutest new couple.

Season 16 had its fair share of romantic pairings between contestants who met on the show. This season’s couple actually auditioned together, and they both made it through — a rarity for this show.

The judges also took a moment to talk about Katy Perry’s recently announced pregnancy, calling her baby the “fourth judge.” Katy said she’s “terrified,” and asked Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan if they’ll throw her a baby shower.

‘American Idol’ Week 4 Auditions


Danny La Rota

This dental student performed an acoustic version of Lorde’s “Royals.” Katy called him “the most original” hopeful they’ve seen on the show so far this season. Luke Bryan called him “old school.” Obviously, they chose to give Danny a golden ticket to Hollywood.


Lou Dawg

The judges were amused that Lou had no idea who they were. He thought Luke was Justin Timberlake, and thought Katy sang Sia’s “Chandelier.” Meanwhile, he thought Lionel Richie hosted Wheel of Fortune. Lou performed an original song on his guitar. Luke told him, “You almost have something.” Katy suggested music is more of a hobby for him. He didn’t end up with a golden ticket.

Makayla Phillips

This 17-year-old is friends with AGT winner Kodi Lee! She’s dreamed of being on American Idol since she was a kid. She performed a soulful rendition of “Who’s Lovin’ You” for her audition. Katy predicted she would be in the Top 10. Makayla is going to Hollywood.


Devon Alexander

Devon performed “Not in That Way” by Sam Smith. Luke called him a “cool dude” and complimented his voice. Lionel said he’s “up for the challenge” ahead. Devon got a golden ticket to Hollywood.


Mosean Wilson

This singer’s father faced mental illness and drug addiction, and died of an overdose. Music helped him through hard times. For his audition, Mosean performed an original song on the keyboard. The judges told him he’s “what it’s all about.” Lionel stepped up to give him a hug, and Katy wiped away tears. Mosean is going to Hollywood.


Faith Becnel

This 20-year-old sang “Lady Marmalade.” The judges said her voice has “character,” but her persona is too “cutesy.” They encouraged her to take herself more seriously. Lionel Richie voted no, but Katy and Luke chose to send her to Hollywood.

Kat Luna and Space Cowboy (Alejandro Garrido)

This couple met in church and chose to audition together, performing “Shallow” from A Star Is Born. “Are you real people?” asked Luke Bryan when they finished. Katy was brought to tears by their love, suggesting they were both “Top 10.” Both singers got a golden ticket to Hollywood.



This singer brought her “girl-tarist” Terry along to play back-up for her. Tavia performed “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. Katy said they were a “highly entertaining duo,” but said Tavia’s voice was “dicey.” Lionel said she needs more experience. She lost out on a golden ticket.

Sophia Wackerman

Sophia’s late mother was a singer, and inspired her to get into music. Katy suggested that Sophia should take her mom’s last name, Star. For her audition, she performed “Water” by Bishop Briggs. Luke said he likes her “sparkle,” and Lionel said she could make it to the Top 10. They gave her a golden ticket and took her out to show the other contestants as an example.



Jimmy Levy

This singer comes from a psychic family, and says he sees dead people. But instead of pursuing his mom’s career path, he wants to be a singer. He started by performing “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak, and Katy said he seemed nervous. He went on to sing “Nobody Love” by Tori Kelly a cappella. Jimmy got a ticket to Hollywood.


Olivia Ximines

This teenage dancer performed “Language” by Tori Kelly in her audition. Her dance team tagged along to support her. Katy said she could tell Olivia is 16, but that’s okay. Luke said she has a “sparkling aura.” The judges chose to send her to Hollywood.


Marna Michele

This singer was born with a disability that prevents her from walking. She uses a wheelchair to get around. Marna said she wants to inspire other people with disabilities. She sang “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga for her audition. The judges gave her some vocal advice, and voted to send her to Hollywood.


Zack Dobbins

This singer calls music his “passion,” and comes from a musical family. He says he won’t change if he becomes rich and famous. He performed an original song on the guitar. Katy said he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he doesn’t need to, calling him “authentic.” The judges gave him a golden ticket.


Ren Patrick

This singer was in a “toxic relationship” for eight years. She left her boyfriend and moved back to be with her family. She and her mom took a road trip so Ren could audition. She performed “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn. Ren was in tears as the judges praised her talent and invited her mom in to celebrate her going to Hollywood.

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