‘American Idol’: Walker Borroughs’ Reaction To His Elimination Is Quite Revealing

Walker Burroughs spills his guts on Instagram about his elimination from American Idol.

Walker Burroughs

With so much focus on who’s going to win American Idol, we often overlook the flip side of the coin. After being eliminated from the show, Walker Burroughs expressed his feelings about his experience on the show.

In an Instagram post from Walker earlier today, he writes about his experience below in the caption. It begins with his saying, “I’m back on my couch at home. I’ve got my dog on my lao, and a nice bowl of Cheerios in one of the bowls I grew up with.”

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Walker is having a hard time adapting to the realization that his journey on the show is over. He went on to say, “The past few days , I’ve been teetering between being numb, sad, and happy. I am sad for reasons I haven’t totally figured out yet, and I think they’re different than I thought they’d be…”

It’s clear that for Walker, the entire American Idol experience was overwhelming. For that reason, his main focus is on “prioritizing his thoughts”, and moving on. He spoke about the amount of pressure one is under during their time on the show.


Towards the end of the post he adds an interesting bit about a problem he has with the show. Walker wrote, “However, one thing I dislike about the show was how it perpetuates the very destructive social norm that failure is this awful thing to be mortified of.”

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Unfortunately, in a competition show you will always have some considered “winners” and “losers”. It’s unclear whether American Idol does anything specifically to perpetuate the negativity of losing more than any other competition. It’s more likely the way the individual processes their place in the game, and how they except it individually.

Though a significant part of the post is about the struggle, he takes time to speak on the clear positives about American Idol. The show gave him the opportunity to share his talent with the world, and grow in many ways as a person. Furthermore, he goes on to thank everyone who helped him along the way.

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Walker plans to release music in the future, and thanks all of his fans for supporting him through his journey.


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