‘American Idol’ Singer is Taken Out In Handcuffs After Horrible Singing [VIDEO]

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Jarrod Norrell was pretty ambitious when he came to audition for American Idol in 2010. He sang “Amazing Grace” and the judges had some harsh comments about his singing. You have to check out this crazy audition that ended with Jarrod being taken out of the audition in handcuffs.

Jarrod Norrell Refused To Leave His ‘American Idol’ Audition

Normally, we encourage everyone to go out and achieve their dreams. But Jarrod’s singing was just…awful. He described himself as a “great singer” when he first walked into the audition room and even said that he was one of the best. His self-confidence was awesome but he was humbled pretty quickly during the performance.

“What was that?” judge Kara DioGuardi asked after hearing him sing. “Do you really think you’re a good singer? Seriously I’m not trying to be rude.” Jarrod stared at her in disbelief and seriously thought he was a good singer. “Honey it sounded like a lawnmower” she added. “Music is just not where you’re headed.”


Simon Cowell wrapped up the audition by saying “thanks a lot Jarrod.” But Jarrod did not leave the room. Instead, he pleaded with the judges and insisted that he sing “Amazing Grace” yet again. Randy Jackson kept repeatedly saying “no” when Jarrod began singing again. Kara and Randy could not keep it together and they began laughing.

Finally Randy called for security to come and escort Jarrod out of the room. “I cannot leave” he said. He was very clearly agitated and it took multiple security guards to get him out of the room. They tackled him to the ground and an officer came and handcuffed him. “You got to take me out in cuffs, act like I can’t sing Randy,” the American Idol reject said as the officers walked him out of the venue. To lighten the mood after everything escalated, Simon hilariously asked “yes or no?”

Where Is Jarrod Now?

According to TMZ, Jarrod was actually released from the handcuffs once the cameras stopped rolling. He apparently only received a threat from the American Idol producers that if he ever returned to the auditions, he would be arrested for real.

Jarrod isn’t the only contestant that got angry during his talent competition audition. Check out the compilation below with 10 other contestants who truly missed the mark in their auditions and took it out on the judges. Like Jarrod, many of them refused to leave the stage or the rooms that they were auditioning in.

Today, Jarrod is a graphic designer. On his website it says that he offers services in logo design, web design, print design, branding and social media campaigns. While his social media accounts are private, his Instagram profile picture does look to have a newborn baby in it so it is to be assumed that he became a father.


It definitely seems like he has opted for a quieter life after his American Idol audition did not go so well.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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